The Paternity Guard – Chapter 09

Chapter 09: The Yan Family Manor

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The Paternity Guard – Chapter 04

Chapter 04 – The New Lady?

From Midori: Hi guys, I know that everyone is currently being confused with this whole pregnancy thing, and you all are questioning about how Shi Qi got pregnant. As much as I want to tell you the answer right away, but this reason will be explained in the story itself. So please be patient and wait for the answer. I know that I’m not active much lately on here with replying to comments, because I’m working three days a week and recently just started on my master degree. So now, I’m like super busy. But no worries, I read all of your comments through email notification. So you do know what you think of the story. ^^ I hope to be able to be more active on wattpad like I used to. I will do my best~ XDDD 

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