Ever Since I Take Home An Adonis Who Has Lost His Business – Chapter 06~10

Translator: Midori

Proofreader: DeviLaugh


The next morning, I peeped through the small opening of my room door to see the Adonis still wrapped in the quilt in the living room.

The BOSS’s tall and handsome body was curled into a big roll…

So cute.

While the Adonis was still asleep, I quickly put on a thick beige color coat and shoved my hands into the warm tight pockets to keep myself warm.

First I needed to deposit money into my bank account. The dews on green leaves had not yet evaporated, so obviously there is no one at the ATM.

My brother is entering college this year. The kid has always been a studious and gifted student, so it is easy for him to be accepted to a good university.

Since it was very cold, even my breaths are fogged and scattered up.

Looking at the amount in the bank account, I felt somewhat depressed… now is the peak time for me to save up everything. I even started to provide for the Adonis and stand together with him to fight against all odds.

I bought meat buns and soy milk. The shops downstairs had been acquired by the real estate company. The residential area is now filled with big chain stores, so the taste of this store’s soy milk was not as fresh as the shop from before.

Tsk tsk, the evil hegemony of the real estate.

Right when I got home, I saw the Adonis sitting at the dinner table typing something. I quickly greeted him and told him to eat breakfast. I placed the steamed meat buns on the plate, then I sat down on the wooden chair to watch news reports.

“Boss, what should we be doing now?” I bite into my bun as vaguely ask him.

He sure is the Adonis, while just eating a bun he can still be this handsome. Beautiful, neat teeth bit into the thin skin, the hot stuffing inside was slowly exposed.

“In two days, help me send this document to Director An.”

Director An is the Boss’s long term business partner; they have a very close relationship. Each time they socialized with Director An, the Boss would always be dragged to play poker or to go drink with him.

I nodded, sipped a mouthful of soy milk and ask, “Can I take a look inside?”

The Adonis said with a straight face, “As long as you understand it, you can.”


… So straightforwardly and wittily looked down on my IQ like that.

I vented out my anger on the meat bun. I glanced over to look at the Adonis’s “pants” as I glomped down on it, and my eyes flash up.

“Before starting work, shall we go shopping first?”

The Adonis stared at the gray casual pajama that barely reached his ankle and then looked at me with suspicion.

I quickly put away my mischievous smile, and worriedly said, “If we don’t go shopping, we will soon be out of water and food. Boss, you want to run naked that soon {裸///奔 – luo///ben – naked///run} …”

{Translator’s Input: Boss – lao ban//老板 in chinese. 裸///奔 – luo///ben has the same phonatic, so the uke is playing with word here.}

Probably the term “run naked” was too stimulating for the Adonis, so he didn’t say anything but just nodded.

I controlled my facial expression as I righteously bowed down to shove the last bun into my mouth.

Hei Hei. {grinning sound}


It was a sunny day, the warm sunlight dispersed the cold winter day.

We casually bought a few sets of clothes at the department store, then I took the Adonis to the only supermarket in the area.

“Boss, I said to get cucumbers. Why you get the zucchini?”

The Adonis quietly stared at the green skin zucchini in his hands, I then pushed the shopping cart over to point out to him:

“Well, the cucumbers here are all smooth skin without bumps.”

The Adonis nodded his head understanding, put the zucchini back to its place, and went to inspect the fruits and vegetables around here.

The auntie at the grocery section stared at me curiously, as I went over she used her eyes to stare carefully at me.

“This kid, why you’re not wearing your big trousers and hairpin today, I’m not used to seeing you like this ah.”

This auntie’s voice is very loud and quite forceful. It’s winter now, who would wear short pants and hairpin!

I panicked and tried to correct her that I wear “sport and leisure pants” during weekdays. As I scratched my head, “It’s different today, I’m going shopping with someone.”

The auntie smiled revealing a glittering canine, “Is it your girlfriend?”

Since the vegetable need to be kept cool, the AC has always been on. I zipped up my coat all the way to my chin, then hesitantly opened my mouth, “It’s the high status figure in the company that I can only look but can’t touch from before.”

The auntie helped me to put the vegetable into the plastic bag, then looked up as if realized something, “Ah! That’s elegant flower!”

I felt this name fit very well with the person, so I nodded my head.

Hey, it’s getting colder, have they lowered down the temperature?

I pulled up the zipper of my coat all the way up, shrank my neck into the collar, only leaving half of my head out of it.

Someone patted on my shoulder from behind me, I turned around—

…why did this “elegant flower” always pick such opportunities to appear ah!


It had temporarily settled down. I took the advantage of the Adonis burying himself in work; I slipped out to find a job.

Although I really wanted to be there for the Adonis while he worked, there was something that was inseparable in our daily life, it’s the “bill”. Water bill, gas bill, electricity bill, internet bill, phone bill and other unnamed bills; each time I received the mail bill, I had this impulsive thought of taking leather tape to seal my mailbox.

I leisurely shook my legs while sitting at the stone bench in the park, a magazine with the big letter “recruitment” was in front of me. The cold wind blew by, the cover page of the magazine fluttered along with it…

The uncle sitting opposite from me would glance over to look at me from time to time and then carelessly looked back at the magazine that children are not allowed to read.

I bit down on the pen’s end, then slowly opened the magazine to look at the classified section.

Restaurant waiter, monthly salary of 8000 yuan. Working hours from 6am to 3pm.

Then how can I prepare breakfast for my Adonis? Scratch.

Office clerk, monthly salary of 10,000 yuan. 9am to 5pm daily.

What if the Boss asks me to send some documents to the CEOs of some companies, the active hours of people with high status are from midnight to early morning. {Translator Input: he means when the people want to talk business, they usually talk it over at dinner or at some place other than their workplace ^^ it’s common in China and some asian countries}

A big red mark crossed through it.

The uncle sitting across from me folded the paper into many folds, until it was small enough to put into his pocket, he then began to greet the uncle in white vest coming to play chess.


The cold wind breeze got into my neck collar, I clutched onto my mouth as I let out a small sneeze.

I really don’t understand the logic of those romance novel or idol drama, but recently there is a very popular book on how to live “subsistence”. Such high price in property nowadays, if one is not a second generation of a rich family, can they really live their lives leisurely?

With such a gloomy thought, inadvertently I looked at the lower right corner of an insignificant jobs advertisement.



At midnight, I snuck back home with a sore body, I found the Adonis was still awake by looking at the weak light through the window.

I stretched my lazy waist, placed the small thing I just bought into my pocket,and put on a high spirit as I gently knocked on the door.

Obviously it was not a laborious job, how did I get so tired? Is it because I don’t exercise much during those days?

The Adonis leaned against the bed, looking up from his laptop. Since he did not use hair gel, some of them slightly covered his eyes.

Seeing that it was me, he rubbed his eyes. Probably he was too sleepy, even his voice sounded blurred, “Where did you go?”

I swiftly moved to stay next to the Adonis’s side, then grabbed the quilt to wrap around my chill body.I gave it some thoughts then spat out, “Sleepwalking… maybe?”

The Adonis just nodded and did not seem to care about what I just answered and continued to type his proposal to send to Director An. I did not dare to get close to the Adonis and just stayed in the quilt until I got warm enough and stuck out my head.

I really don’t want to go back to my own room, my body was very tired but my spirit was not. I boringly stared into the glowing screen of the laptop.

There was only a dim night light in the house, I blinked my eyes.

This plan…

“Boss, this plan is a bit…”

Unscrupulous? Immoral? Loophole in the law?

I could not find the right word to describe it.

The Adonis stopped his typing, but his eyes did not look away from the laptop, and said coldly, “It will be a lot faster, and you also do not want to wait for too long.”

The Adonis is really good at doing business, and he is also a very good man. He has always been open to all opportunity and aboveboard. I have met with the Adonis’s father, he must have been trained under a very strict and rigid education. He can differentiate between good and evil, knowing what is right and wrong.

People with a poisonous tongue in the company would always say that the Boss is too honest and too serious, so he has missed quite a few good opportunities to do good business with other people. When these words reached the Boss’s ears, he just smiled and said nothing.

As a witty adult, I’m not as naive as to think that the Boss has never taken a shortcuts in business. Sometimes the mean is necessary, but…

“But Boss, if you choose to walk on a remote road, you might get lost.”

No matter how long the wait is, I will always wait for you.

Just that my Adonis, please don’t go too far away from me, I’m afraid that I might not be able to keep up.

The Adonis finally turned to look at me.

After a long while, he closed his laptop, closed his eyes and heaved out a long breath.

Under the serenity of the night, the Adonis slightly frowned at something unknown, his expression somewhat dignified.

Boss has his own way of thinking, someone like myself is just a passerby that can’t understand the way things work. So, what is the need to try to understand?

I took out the hairpin I just bought earlier from my pocket.

The Adonis did not use any hair gel at home, all the fringes started to cover up half of his face already.

I took the opportunity and threw myself at the Adonis, used my awkward position with the brown bear hairpin in my hand, and aimed for the Adonis’s fringe.

“Snap”, clipped it on.

The Adonis suddenly opened his eyes, staring quite helplessly at the laughing me who currently lay on top of him.

I tried to straighten my posture up, of course this little trick can’t go pass the Adonis’s eyes, as the Adonis gave me a look of frustration with a bit of confusion.


Feigning innocence is a survival skill.

The sun had started to set, I put on a ironed black tailor suit and carefully put the proposal plan document in my briefcase.

Boss standing behind me casually waved his hand, it seems he did not want to put too much pressure on me.

Before leaving, I boldly turned around to look at the Adonis and courageously yet weakly pointed at my cheeks.

The Adonis, “Don’t worry, there’s no dirt on your face.”

I nodded my head, it seems in this time and day it is quite difficult to get a “Lucky Kiss”…

I hailed a cab to Director An’s company. Now is the rush hour of people leaving for home; the bus and train were crowded with lot of people. If I came to the company covering in sweat for my presentation, it would leave a bad impression.

Director An’s office is at the top floor; through the large window one can see the busy city below in a panoramic view. This was not the first time he and I had met, so the wait was less than two hours. I was rather surprised by this.

Right when I entered the door I saw Director An with hands behind his back standing in front of the window to look at the city below; that back view giving other people an inexplicable feeling of seeing a monarch emperor at that moment.

Since he is a business partner, there is no need to show that “asking for favor” attitude. He did not move, I also stood still, quietly waiting.

The result was that Director An turned around, looking at me with that unpredictable stare as he said his first sentence, “Assistant Kang, I heard that you’re living together with Director Fang?”

… How did I forget this man’s favorite hobby is to gossip about other people?

I automatically ignored his flashing curious eyes, pushing the document package forward. Director An just quickly scanned through the proposal plan, supporting his chin with his hand as staring straight at him.

Sitting straight up, I calmly looked back at him. I secretly wished in my head for him to quickly start to discuss the topic, and hoped for him to not ask strange questions.

“Good. Just that there are some details that I would like discuss with Director Fang myself.”

Things went unexpectedly smoothly. I secretly popped firework in my head to celebrate. I took out a post-it in my briefcase and wrote down the landline phone number in there because the Adonis said it’s “not safe” to use a cell phone number.

“Boss doesn’t want to be found out by other people. If you’re interested, you can call him at this number.”

Director An took the post-it paper and carefully studied it. I was wondering what he was trying to find on there, then he winked at me.

“The number ‘2’ of the phone number is the landline area code. So that means you two are living together?”



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