The Paternity Guard – Chapter 04

Chapter 04 – The New Lady?

From Midori: Hi guys, I know that everyone is currently being confused with this whole pregnancy thing, and you all are questioning about how Shi Qi got pregnant. As much as I want to tell you the answer right away, but this reason will be explained in the story itself. So please be patient and wait for the answer. I know that I’m not active much lately on here with replying to comments, because I’m working three days a week and recently just started on my master degree. So now, I’m like super busy. But no worries, I read all of your comments through email notification. So you do know what you think of the story. ^^ I hope to be able to be more active on wattpad like I used to. I will do my best~ XDDD 

A sinister sun, a hot autumn sun that destroys everything in its path, yet all the shadow guards loyally kept watching for the master’s safety from nearby.

Xing Bei Ming stepped out of his room, slowly walked over to stand underneath the largest tree in the yard, and said in a low tone: “Come down.” A shadow lightly landed on the ground, not making a single sound, Xing Bei Ming looked up at him. Because of his strong internal skills, he did not sweat even a little. he wasn’t sure whether it was due to his being pregnant that his face was slightly sallow, as if experiencing malnutrition.

He was reminded of Doctor Xu’s words: “There are many things pregnant people are not allowed to do, let alone a pregnant man, since there is no precedent for this case it’s better to be cautious, don’t let him overwork himself and pay special attention to his diet…”

“To the room.” Xing Bei Ming took the lead as spoke those words.

“Yes, Master.” Ying Shi Qi immediately followed him into the room, knelt down to wait for his penalty…no, to wait for his order.

Xing Bei Ming glanced at him, “how is your body?”

Ying Shi Qi respectfully bowed down, “Dear my Master, I have no serious injuries.”

Xiu Luo Tang’s punishment is not that very comfortable, one lash is enough to kill a normal person, although they are shadow guards, once they are being sentenced to receive their punishment, they are not allowed to use their internal force, so they are no different than an average person, thirty lashes…to be healed within two days, it’s impossible…the meaning behind his words was: Master, this lowly subordinate’s injuries have healed, and I’m ready to die for you at any time.

But it seems he has forgotten something! Xing Bei Ming was a bit unhappy. Staring at the back of Ying Bei Ming’s smooth neck he asked: “Regarding your stomach, what do you intend to do with it?”

Ying Shi Qi had his head down but after hearing that he unintentionally lifted it, but only got halfway before he lowered it again, “This lowly subordinate’s belly has no problem, Master…”

“Disgraceful!” Xing Bei Ming angrily pounded the table, “Do you think your master has the memory of an eighty year old man? Speak, what do you intend to do with the child in your belly?”

Such straightforward words made Shi Qi to swallow back down his apology which had been at the tip of his tongue, he suddenly raised his head, and boldly looked straight at Xing Bei Ming, “Master! I…I’m a man…” His voice was trembling slightly but it had an unusual firmness. Xing Bei Ming’s inexplicable uproar of anger suddenly was gone.

Right, a man being told such a thing…Any man would have trouble accepting it. If it were him, he would absolutely beat the one diagnosing him to death and simply think it was the most absurd mistake in the world. But this is happening to his own shadow guard, Xing Bei Ming was not so much being kind, he even hoped that it was true but he would never admit to taking such an interest in this matter.

Xing Bei Ming eased his tone a bit but still each and every sentence he spoke pierced deeply into a certain shadow guard’s heart, “You don’t believe Doctor Xu and you don’t believe Ying Qi either? First I want you to stay in my room, just for now, wait for a month once your tummy begins to get bigger, then we will decide.”

Definitely, definitely it won’t grow big! Shi Qi thought firmly, but why had the master made this decision, his puzzled eyes stared directly at Xing Bei Ming.

“What are you looking at, acting so courageous!” He glared until a certain shadow guard’s head lowered. Xing Bei Ming comfortably leaned back on his chair, “If such a strange thing has happened in this First Under Heaven Fort then I, as the Fort Lord, must get to the bottom of it; and see whether someone trying to cause trouble or if it’s you who’s causing trouble. You’re excused go find a cool place to hide.”

Although he did not know what the last sentence meant, Ying Shi Qi obediently replied with a “yes.”

Cheng Bo who had been hiding in the corner came forward (Author: 囧, Cheng Bo, be honest you are the real shadow guard, right), carefully poured a cup of tea and asked: “My Lord, if this is true, we must get rid of the fetus as soon as possible! I’m afraid after three months…”

Xing Bei Ming took the tea bowl, drank a mouthful and leisurely said: “Cheng Bo, if this matter is fake, then that just means Ying Shi Qi has quite a peculiar pulse; but if it is true, then can’t we afford to keep an extra child?”

Cheng Bo nodded but deep inside his heart was nagging, “raising a child is not a problem, but the key point is…. who is going to raise it? The master never considers the consequences when he does these things, so arbitrary!”

Xing Bei Ming put down the bowl and said casually: “Cheng Bo, are you silently resenting me, your Lord?”

Cheng Bo quickly bent over, “I dare not, my wise Lord, my wise Lord!”

In the evening, Ying Shi Qi returned to his room to find that his mattress, quilt and pillows were missing—eh? Ying Shi Qi scratched his head, he did not remember taking them out to dry under the sun!

Ying Qi went into the room and found Shi Qi with a stuporous expression, he could not help smiling, but quickly suppressed it and went to pat his shoulder: “Shi Qi, why are you coming back here, didn’t the master order you to move to his room…to protect him? Earlier the Housekeeper Cheng Bo came to collect your things to take them to the master’s room, you should also hurry…Shi Qi?”

Ying Shi Qi now remembered that it seemed the master had told him to stay in his room, he had been staying under the tree the whole day, he had become a bit dizzy and completely forgotten about it.

“Shi Qi are you ok, your face doesn’t look good?” Ying Qi noticed that his face had been sallow this morning, but now it was very pale, so he was worried.

“It’s nothing, I’m very good! Bro Qi, I’ll go now.” Shi Qi left with a smile.

“Uh, you must pay attention to your body, don’t be too worried, Shi Qi.” Ying Qi worriedly added.

Nothing to be worried about, there really is nothing, Shi Qi replied before going away. Ying Qi watched as his figure disappeared into the courtyard, he felt a faint loss in his heart, it felt as though he would never come back here.

Ying Shi Qi paused at the door of the master’s room, he was a bit hesitant because unless there were special reasons no one was to allow to enter the master’s room, plus he did not know what was the use was in his staying in the master’s room, Besides what about when those courtesans come…

The doors made a squeaky sound as they opened, Xing Bei Ming had a dark expression as he stood behind the doors. He grunted, “What are you doing out there? I don’t need a watchdog, roll in here!”

Shi Qi bowed and replied: “Yes, master.” So, I’m no longer a shadow guard, but I’m now the master’s personal guard, but what does a personal guard do?

“What are you thinking about? Wash up and go to sleep.” The Almighty Fort Lord Xing arrogantly ordered.

“Yes, master.”

There is someone staying in the master’s bedroom, the next day the entire Fort was in an uproar, some said the Lord had just brought back a new courtesan who is very beautiful and aromatic. And some said the Lord had gone out and brought back a beautiful fairy who had never been stained by the outside world {meaning: a pure and innocent virgin}, then locked her up in the room and wouldn’t let anyone see her…In short, everyone liked to gossip but when all was said and done, everyone still carried on as usual. But there were some people that really could not sit still after hearing such rumors.

In the beautiful pavilion in the middle of the lake, a few beautiful women gathering around, they were laughing and talking to each other but none of them could hide the lingering worry on their faces.

The woman in green clothes said: “All the Mei Mei {younger sister} are becoming more and more beautiful but this Jie Jie {older sister} is like a withered flower, my heart feels a bit sour at the thought.”

{Translator Input:

妹妹//mei mei//younger sister

姐姐//jie jie//older sister

These two terms don’t necessary pinpoint that they are blood related sisters; they can be someone younger or someone older than the speaker, and it’s an honorific form of respect. Also in ancient China, the hierarchy of the women in the house depends upon when the seniority system, meaning depends on how long they have been the house. It’s a first come first serve, whoever comes first will by default become the “jie jie” to those coming at later time. It has nothing to do with age.. I hope this will clear up a bit for you. And to keep the authentic style of the author, I will keep using “mei mei” and “jie jie” instead of using “younger sister” and “older sister” which sounds so weird to me T.T}

The woman in red clothes said: “Jie Jie, how you said such thing, obviously Jie Jie is the first person who entered the Fort and I heard that the Lord is a very gracious person, we really envy you!”

The woman in green clothes replied: “Ay, these words make Jie Jie’s heart even more sour, the Lord has not come to my room for so many days, I’m afraid he has forgotten about me…”

The woman in white clothes said: “We are all the same, the Lord hasn’t called us for some days already, I heard the servants say that…the Lord has found someone new…”

The woman in red clothes said: “I’ve heard that the Lord let the new person stay in his room, we’re not allowed to stay overnight even if we’re being called to serve him, this person must be very charming! Everyone, how about…”

The woman in green clothes said: “Jie Jie really wants to go see the new Mei Mei, the Lord won’t blame us for this; moreover, she has just settled in and she might need something, so we will bring some things as our way of welcoming her, how is that?”

The woman in red clothes said: “Jie Jie is right, the Lord must be discussing business in his Chamber at this moment, we should go over now.”

Ying Shi Qi walked once around the yard, found nothing of interest and walked back into the room to sit down. The master had said he that he was going to meet with Jiang Yao, since it was the residence of the master’s friend he did not need to bring any guards with him. The master ordered him to rest in the room, suddenly he was allowed to be relaxed. Shi Qi really did not know what he should do with himself now. Because of the shadow guard’s habits, even when sitting his posture was very straight and serious.

He had been sitting for quite some time when he heard noise coming from outside. The servants are not allowed to enter the master’s yard so if the doorkeepers had not stopped them then those people belonged to a very different group; Ying Shi Qi gave it some thoughts then decided it was better for him to not meddle.

Soon after, it got even louder outside, There were some shouts of “Mei Mei” mixed with the noise. He wondered; this is the master’s bedroom where is there going to be a woman? If they wanted to look for someone, they should look else where or did they have a death wish?

Ying Shi Qi tried to ignore it at first but then thought that it was about time for the master to return, if the master sees this scenario he’s going to get angry and is going to expel someone. So he got up and opened the door.

“Aiya, Mei Mei has come out so get out of my way! Let us talk with our Mei Mei, if you dare to stop us we’ll ask the Lord to punish you when he comes back! Mei Mei! Mei Mei—”

Words from the Author:

Pffff~~~I could not stop laughing at reading those words above~~~~imagine a group of women calling Xiao Shi Qi as Mei-Mei Mei-Mei, ho ho ~~~~

At this moment, the Almighty Fort Lord Xing is currently taking an interest in a new strange occurrence, but soon he would not be able to laugh any longer ╭(╯^╰)╮

Translator Note:

My Lord//Master – To differentiate the shadow guards with other servant in the house. The servants in the house will refer to Xing Bei Ming as “My Lord” but the shadow guards will call him “My master” or “master” since he literally owns them/their lives.

Proofreader: Comix


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