The Pregnant Woman Next Door, How Are You Doing? – Chapter 10

Chapter 10:

Qixi Festival this year is on a Thursday. On the way home from work, Wu Ming saw many couples holding hands with happy smiles on their faces walking down the street. In contrast with them, he walked by himself on the street seeming to be very lonely.

Usually he would not feel bothered by it, but on this particular Qixi Festival night, he felt a somewhat inexplicable bitterness.

Recently, Qin Kong next door did not come over to his place, and he felt embarrassed to come knocking on the other man’s door, not to mention the other also has someone he likes.

Qin Kong would confess to that person tonight. For sure the other man would succeed.

A person with a very gentle voice, nice singing, very kind and very friendly with others; if he was that good towards the neighbor, then he certainly would be more gentle with his lover.

How could someone reject such a gentleman?

Wu Ming got home, turned on his laptop, and refreshed the page. Today Qin Kong only posted one status.

CV Clear Sky: Don’t reject me, okay?

Wu Ming felt sad and jealous as he replied …

No Name in the Name: You will be successful! Sama fighting!

Clear Sky replied: That’s good! It’s a deal!

Wu Ming got surprised. How come recently Clear Sky always replies to his comments?

“Ding Dong,” the doorbell rang. Wu Ming put down his laptop and stood up to open the door.

“Hi.” Qin Kong stood at the door, with a bouquet of roses in his hand, and smiled very brightly.

“…” Wu Ming showed a puzzled expression.

“Look, what do you think?” Qin Kong said with an excited expression, “Do I look handsome?”

A nice tux, white shirt buttoned up to the top, black ironed pants, polished shiny leather shoes, and meticulously combed hair that got styled with hair gel. The most amusing is the red bow tie at the collar.

Wu Ming laughed. “Very handsome.” Then added, “It would be perfect without the bow tie.”

Qin Kong immediately got 囧, then pulled off the bow tie and stuffed it in his pants pocket, embarrassedly touching his nose then said: “If I were to confess in this attire, do you think I will succeed?”

Wu Ming already knew that Qin Kong would confess his love to the one he likes today, but he still acted surprised: “Confession?”

“Yeah, today is Valentine’s Day,” Qin Kong said. “I’m very nervous, what should I say to the person?”

“How would I know?” Wu Ming replied.

Qin Kong pretended to look quite pitiful with a distressed expression, “What should I do if I get rejected? Wu Ming, if someone were to confess to you, what would you like them to say?”


“Yes, just for reference.”

Wu Ming felt a bit uncomfortable, it’s not like the other person is confessing to him, yet he still needs to give the other some suggestions for reference. But he really could not refuse to help.

He stammered for a long time then said: “Just directly say I like you, but not everyone’s the same—”

“I like you,” Qin Kong interrupted him.

Wu Ming was shocked.

Qin Kong’s expression suddenly became very serious, he took Wu Ming’s hand to place the bouquet of roses in the other’s hand, gripping his fingers together to clench onto the bouquet, then said again, “I like you.”

Wu Ming subconsciously grasped onto the bouquet in his hand, and stammered, “You, you are … practice, practicing your confession, right?”

“No, I’m being serious, Wu Ming, or I should call you No Name? I’m being very serious in confessing to you.”

Qin Kong pulled out the ring box he prepared in advance from his pocket and opened it, “May I have the honor to put this on you?”

Wu Ming looked at the ring for men in the ring box; it looks very simple with no pattern. Then he looked at the eagerness in Qin Kong’s eyes. Only one thought crossed his mind – he knows who I am!

He pushed the flower bouquet back to Qin Kong’s hand, pushed the man out, and SLAM, shut the door closed.

Qin Kong got stunned, the rose bouquet fell onto the ground, as he stepped forward and shouted, “Wu Ming! You accepted my confession on Weibo already!”

Wu Ming did not answer, only covered his face, thinking, Oh god, he knows that I’m his die-hard fan already!

He felt terribly upset at himself, for the other man knows that he is the other’s die-hard fan. He instantly felt awkward and embarrassed as he immediately thought about disappearing from this world.

Qin Kong continued to shout out, “Wu Ming, open the door!”

He was shouting and banging on the door loudly.

“You promised me!”

“You’ve promised me on Weibo!”

“You also comment on my Weibo status every day!”

“I’ve read them all!”

“You’ve been so good to me!”

“I was being too stupid before to even realize it!”

“Give me a chance!”

“I’ll sing to you every day!”

“I’ll sing whatever song you like!”

“If you don’t open the door, I’ll keep on shouting!”

“Then I’ll shout even louder now!”

“I’m really going to shout!”

“There’s no pregnant woman next door!”

The door opened, which caused Qin Kong to stagger, almost falling down.

Wu Ming’s eyes were red, as if he had been crying and he sniffled as he said, “Don’t shout anymore. What if you bother the neighbors upstairs and downstairs?”

“Don’t cry, please don’t cry…” Qin Kong rushed over to wipe the other’s face with his hand.

Wu Ming shoved Qin Kong’s hand away, did not dare to look directly into the man’s eyes; he just looked down on the floor and whispered, “Come in first.”

Qin Kong felt that he must be 80% succeeding, so he happily picked up the rose bouquet on the floor and went in.

Wu Ming sat on the sofa, eyes staring at the teacup on the table; he really did not know what to say when his thoughts were in such a mess.

He did not know when he got found out; moreover the other also knew that he is a fan.

Suddenly he was being confessed to by the Sama he has a crush on. He really was at a loss for words as his first thought had been to escape.

“Wu Ming.” Qin Kong sat down across from Wu Ming and saw that the other did not say anything, so he tried to call out.

“Uh,” Wu Ming mumbled an answer.

“I like you.”

Wu Ming did not answer Qin Kong’s confession. Instead he whispered in a very low voice that sounded like a mumble, with a hint of cowardliness, as he asked: “When … when did you find out?”

Qin Kong thought his confession would go very smoothly; obviously it is just I like you and you like me, too. But he did not expect it to develop into this awkward situation. The person sitting across from him had not accepted his confession; moreover the other slammed the door in his face! So he honestly said, “Last time I entered your room, I saw the postcard on your table, so…”

Now that Wu Ming thought about it, last time he let Qin Kong enter his room to get something.

He did not expect to have been found out such a long time ago, yet he was being kept in the dark like a fool by the other man.

He hesitated for a moment, then clenched his fists and said, “I cannot accept your confession.”

Qin Kong was puzzled. “Why?”

Wu Ming did not dare to look at him, only said, “Virtual world is virtual world, and reality is reality. The one I like is CV Clear Sky, not Qin Kong. I’m being good to you because I just want to get in closer contact with my idol. I might do something for you and that makes me happy, but I don’t expect for you to like me back.”

“Listen to me, Wu Ming.” Qin Kong took in a deep breath, made a gesture to pause the other’s words, took out the ring once again, and placed it on the table. “I understand your concerns. You think you only like me as a fan liking an idol, but have you ever thought that if one does not really like another that much, no one would be so concerned about the other so much even in real life?”


“There’s no but.” Qin Kong stood up, placed his hands on Wu Ming’s shoulders, and let the other look directly into his eyes. “Look at me. Tell me that you really don’t like me. You really think so?”

 Proofreaders: Light & Lauranbritain  


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