The Love Story of A Passerby – Chapter 28

Chapter 28: You Will Encounter…Blah Blah Blah

Translator: Miyuki

Proofreader: Sapiosexual

I have good news.

I got promoted, from administrative assistant to the administrative of the department, meaning, I was promoted from being an errand boy to an errand boss.

No one is jealous of me, because this position has always been a forefront…

Now all the errands in the General Affairs Department, they don’t look for the department chief to resolve them, because they know that the chief is not in charge of such trivial matters, instead they look for me.

Alright, I will just take over the heavy responsibility.

Moreover, according to An Yuan’s analysis, the chief may wish to train me to be the next chief . I should feel very happy, but the chief will not be retired for another fifteen years.

The General Affairs Department personnel has little change among the senior employees.

However, it is the first time I realized I’m still young, and still have a long way to go.

I wondered what the apex of my life will be. I began to think very seriously about this issue, but An Yuan said to not add more burden on my mind, it is fine as long as I step a foot forward.

Since my mom knows of An Yuan’s existence, she always calls to educate me on it. I must take a firm grasp on the rich people.

I always feel that my mom must have read some poisonous things again.

Then, Yang Jian comrade was recently in a great crisis, because somebody finally could not tolerate it anymore. Anyway, it has nothing to do with me, I just stand on the sideline to watch the fun show.

I recently discovered a bad habit that An Yuan has. Originally I always bought a pair for everything—cough, cough—couple items. But he likes to use my toothbrush to brush his teeth, use my drinking cup, if he could wear my pajama, I bet he would have taken it already.

I thought he doesn’t like the pattern on that cup, so I got him a new one, yet he still uses mine.

Later on I realized why, so I discarded one cup, and we both share one together.

An Yuan is still busy as always, and he often works overtime, such as today. I’m sitting in front of my computer, playing computer game.

Since I got together with An Yuan, I had stopped logging into “Pink Lady” account; today on a whim, I logged into that account.

“Xiao Ning Ning~”

Oh My God, the evildoer is here.

…I only have one friend on this account.

I said: “Don’t call me like that, it’s quite disgusting.”

Mo Bai Ling said: “Tsk, then you want me to call you Xiao Fen Fen?”

Forget it.

“I want to delete this account.” I said.

She paused for a second then said: “You ungrateful brat, this QQ is your matchmaker.”

I smiled in front of the computer, then said: “That’s why I want to delete it, as a memorial.”

There are some memories that are best kept in one’s heart, that’s my thinking.

“I kind of don’t understand what you mean, but that’s fine, you’re free to delete it.”

Her tone sounded a bit annoyed.

“But isn’t it that the QQ account will get deleted on its own?”

She suddenly asked.

I was surprised for a moment, as I hadn’t heard of such before.

“Well, I will just leave it there then and not log in for three months, then Tentent[1] will automatically delete it.”

“Tsk, you made it sound so sad, when in fact, you’re not so serious about it.”

I remained silence.

Then I decisively logged out of that account, and logged into another account to add her, then said: “Don’t get too serious in life.”

She also seriously replied me: “Life is not a joke either.”

I decided to change the topic.

“Is An Yuan still at the company?”

“What? Checking up on him?”


“Rest assure, he’s here, I’m also here with him. He is the evil Zhou the exploiter [2].”


I should log out of QQ and do something else.

I suddenly remembered that I haven’t written a blog entry for a long time, once again I was acting on my whim, logging into my blog and ready to express my feelings about life.

Once I opened my blog, I was shocked.

I had set my blog to private viewing, which only I get to read those entries that I wrote, but for some reason I got quite huge number of views.

I was a bit frightened and a little angry.

My latest entry was from that time when I decided to settle things with Yang Jian, I wrote that while I was at work.

The content are those words that I spoke with Mo Bai Ling on QQ, although people are not always that hypocritical about their lives, they’re human after all so they would sometimes get emotional; I was going through self-pity then.

“I’m already 26 years old, with no educational background and no specific skill, my prospects are not that enlightening, working on a minimum wage, with a little bit of savings; I have no car and have a tiny house on which I still haven’t paid off my mortgage loan for it. I always hang around at home, my social skill is close to zero, have no passion for anything and always seek for piracy products, I only play free online games, and I frequently get nostalgic when thinking about the past.”

Now looking at it, it made me laugh, but the facts mentioned above still haven’t changed.

But recently, my life is being set on a very smooth sailing boat, and I’ve become a bit more optimistic, as I have a thought that one day everything will become better.

I looked at the comment section, which should be blank, now had two comments.

I stared at the computer screen for a long time, then suddenly burst into laughter.

“I predict that you will meet someone with great educational background, well educated, with a promising career, an incompetent high salary, generous savings, driving famous cars, living in luxury mansion, with great social skills, creative and passionate, only buy original edition of any book, often load up in game coin to play online game, recently despising those reminiscences of the past and a good man; moreover, this good man definitely only loves you, his love for you is beyond any redemption.”

The second message is: “My prophecy has been right, please give me a reward.”

I smiled contently, then grabbed my coat and immediately headed out of the house.

The night wind was quite cold, but it was very comfortable, while I was hailing a taxi, I could not help but to keep on smiling.

When I entered the company, the security guard stopped me, I showed him my staff card and said that I forgot something in the office. He let me in, I then called Mo Bai Ling.

“Let me into the president’s office, but don’t tell An Yuan.”

When I reached the top floor, I saw Mo Bai Ling with a surprised look on her face standing next to the glass door leading to the office, she opened the door to let me in and asked: “What do you want to do?”

I only shook my head and said: “Let me borrow your card.”

She gave me her access card with a suspicious look.

“You’re not planning a murder or cause an arson, right?”

I decided to pay her no heed, I just quickly strode into the office.

The high-level office area sure is different, quite luxurious.

There were a few people sitting at the office desk and staring at me as I passed by them, I calmly swiped the card to open a few more doors, and gently approached his office.

I knocked on the door, then heard his deep voice: “Come in.”

I opened the door and walked in.

I saw him standing up in surprise, the streetlights reflecting against the window behind him.

This city is well lighted up at night.

I walked slowly towards him, held his hand while kissing on his cheek.

“This is my reward for you.”

My name is Wang Shou Ning and I’m 26 years old this year. Maybe some day in the future you will pass by me on the street, but you would have forgotten my name; if that is the case then you can call me a passerby.

When you pass by me you might see a handsome man walking right next to me. You will not need to wonder or doubt because yes, he is actually with me; he is my boyfriend.

-The End-


[1] Tentent – the company that created QQ ^^

[2] Zhou the exploiter – an archetypal character in short story “Rooster Crowing at Midnight” in socialist China era. He is a notorious landlord who allegedly mimicked rooster crowing to wake up his hired laborers to work early. Mo Bai Ling means to say that An Yuan is working her to death LOL that’s all there is ^^


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  1. I just want to say that…
    i was waiting the last chapter to start to read all the novel
    and waaaa…. i love it so much!
    Really! is sooo sweet ♥♥♥ i still have a big smile in my face.
    I’m a super happy reader right now! hahaha

    Thank you so much to all the team for share this lovely story ♥♥♥


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