The Love Story of A Passerby – Chapter 27

Translator: Miyuki

Proofreader: Sapiosexual

Day after day passed by very peacefully, sometimes An Yuan will visit his parents’ home, and I visit mine.

Each time mom would give me a despised look: “You can’t even find a man for yourself.”

…Although I’m a gay, this sentence sounds a bit odd to me.

I think maybe I should tell mom that I already have a fixed partner, but every time I can’t bring myself to say it.

Well, it’s because I have no experience in this, plus I’m a bit embarrassed.

It continued on like that until one day, I received a sudden phone call from a strange number.

“Hello, I’m Guan An Yi, An Yuan’s older brother.”

The first sentence had successfully scared me off.

“Can we meet up and talk? Don’t let An Yuan know about it.”

Aside from agreeing what else could I do. This older brother has a very gentle voice, and at the banquet that day he smiled very cordially, probably won’t be so difficult to talk to. However, all the capitalists are living vampires. Only god knows if this older brother is the type of person with friendly manners belying hypocritical intentions.[1]

Maybe he does not know about my relationship with An Yuan, and just wants to inspect the situation at the company.

Even I am not convinced with that reasoning.

I called An Yuan to tell him that I will be home late and told him to take care of dinner on his own. He still had the same placid tone, but I have a hunch that I won’t be sleeping at all tonight.

After I got out of work, I anxiously walked towards the meeting place. Guan An Yi was already there and sitting next to him was Mo Bai Ling.

Mo Bai Ling was very happy to see me. I was feeling a bit nervous, but soon I felt a bit relaxed, since an acquaintance was there with me.

Guan An Yi has the appearance of a legendary senior gentleman, his laugh was very gentle, totally different from An Yuan.

I sat down across from them, waiting for their negotiation.

“Hello, Mister Wang.”

I was surprised, his voice sounded like An Yuan.

“Hello Mister Guan.”

Miserable, I forgot to leave a comma there, but fortunately it was a short sentence.

Mo Bai Ling laughed and said: “Elder Uncle, you’re scaring him off.”

Guan An Yi put on a fake confused look and asked me: “Do I look that scary? I’m so sorry.”

Cold sweat was forming on me…

But the atmosphere had become a lot more at ease.

Mo Bai Ling said it first: “My uncle is here to interrogate you on behalf of my whole family.”

That’s good, he is not here to destroy me…

Guan An Yi smiled: “Don’t listen to her nonsense. Because An Yuan is hidding you quite well, our family gets so anxious and worried that they sent me here to take a look.”

“Your family…” I stammered, “know already?”

“Bingo!” Mo Bai Ling was especially hyper today.

I almost fainted, I didn’t know that I’m that famous.

Guan An Yi said, “Don’t worry, although we were quite shocked at the beginning, we are open-minded people, moreover—“

He smiled slightly, “Our family has always let An Yuan do anything he wants, so you don’t have to worry.”

I nodded.

“Bai Ling has told us all the basic information about you, so I have nothing to ask.” He still kept his smile.

I also smiled.

“However, An Yuan has always been the most precious to our family, if someone were to betray him, or hurt him…” He still kept that smile on.

I could not help but to turn away, looking at the flower pot not too far from them as I thought to myself, its really about that, they really have no creativity.

As someone who has watched several educational films and movies regarding gays who have come out, of course I know that after the family have accepted the relationship, there will come the threatening part from them.

I could not help but say: “Why would I hurt him? For what reason?” I’m so in love with him…

Guan An Yi stared at me, I also dared to look back at him; he suddenly stretched out his hand and patted my shoulder: “You have to understand me.”

I stared, quite stunned and nodded again.

Guan An Yi’s expression got softer: “We should all understand each other. Although at first it had exceeded the scope of what we can accept, compared to society’s opinion, we are more afraid of losing a beloved one. That’s why I came to make sure you are the right person for him.”

His eyes are filled with a compassionate feeling within them, but very sincere.

I remained quiet for a short moment and then said: “I know that for your family, I’m just a stranger, but your family hands over a very precious member to me. I cannot put forward any evidence that I’m worthy of your trust, I can only guarantee you that I love him, so I will be with him always, I urge you to believe in me.”

Every word is so cliche but each word is sincere, some people might see it as hypocritical or naive of me.

But even so, I still want to repeat those cliche boring words, because I want to express my honest feelings to them.

Guan An Yi did not say anything, just turned away to look out the window at people coming and going on the street.

Mo Bai Ling drank a mouthful of juice, and finally said out loud: “Alright, alright, after all we are one family.”


I took my time to go home, feeling completely tired, I don’t know what it would be like to meet with the Guan family later on.

Forget it, just go with the flow for now.

I took out the keys to open the door.

Then I stood at the entrance and saw in the living room, my mom was sitting face to face with An Yuan.

I sighed, what kind of day is this day turning out to be, ah. I really should go buy myself a lottery ticket, from that one time that I won a few hundreds until now I have never bought it again.

My mom frowned slightly while An Yuan showed that expressionless face. There was a cup of steaming hot tea in front of my mom. It was like a scene from a wuxia movie, the two pinnacle masters are using their internal strength to compete, no one is moving yet they watch every other’s move or watch out for a change from the other person.

I on the other hand was much calmer, went in and said to them: “Have you eaten yet? I haven’t yet, and I’m starving right now.”

They both turned to look at me, and An Yuan said: “Not yet, and Auntie hasn’t either.”

I made a grunt and said: “Then I’ll go cook.”

Mom stopped me: “I’ll cook.” Then said to An Yuan: “You should try my cooking.”

While my mom was busy in the kitchen, I pulled An Yuan to the side to ask: “How is it? Did you tell her everything?”

An Yuan said: “Not yet. After I opened the door and let auntie in, I just poured her a cup of tea.”

“And then?”

“Then I sat down.”

“And after that?”

An Yuan did not answer.

I felt like fainting, so they both had a staring contest until I came back?

We helped to set the table, and then the three of us sat down at the table to eat.

While we were eating, my mom asked An Yuan: “What’s your name?”

…My god, they don’t even know each other’s name.

“Guan An Yuan.”

“Oh, how old?”


I was scared that mom would ask his “preferred sexual orientation.”

“How much do you make a year?”

I choked on my mouthful of food, coughing non-stop.

Mom glared at me while An Yuan helped in soothing my back. After I had calmed down, my mom proceeded to ask the questionagain and An Yuan gave the figure.

I tilted my head and silently teared up, it’s a lot of number, I’m so envious.

Mom heard the answer, then immediately moved onto the next topic. She asked about An Yuan’s ancestors of eighteen generations.

I sat there eating in tears, such a gorgeous family background.

My mom asked a lot of questions, and An Yuan earnestly answered them all. Our dinner went on for a very long time before we finished, then An Yuan was about to do the dishes, but was stopped by my mom; she directly ordered me to the kitchen, so that she could continue to talk with An Yuan.

I continued to cry silently as i washed the dishes, feeling really miserable.

As a result, my mom kept on talking with An Yuan, completely ignoring me; until it was time for her to leave, she suddenly said: “This silly child, how come you fancy this fool son of mine.”

How can you belittle your son like that…

An Yuan looked at me and said: “I don’t know, I’m just attracted to him.”

Mom nodded: “That’s good, so then he won’t die alone at old age”

…is there a need for that?

“But, don’t think of bullying him because of his stupidity.” Mom suddenly grimaced her face.

When I was a kid, I used to throw bird eggs at my neighbor’s window; mom looked at me with the expression she used to look at me then.

An Yuan rubbed my head and said: “Too stupid, but not to be bullied but to be loved.”

I covered my face with my hand, thinking it must be very red now.

Mom let out a strange “hahaha” laughter, and before leaving she left us with “come home when you’re free, so your dad can meet him.”

We stood side by side at the door, then turned around and looked at each other.

An Yuan carried me up in one swoop, there is only one destination in mind.

Words from the Author:

26: For the family approval, it takes up a whole chapter.


[1] Friendly manners belying hypocritical intentions Рthe type of person that even though the person is being all friendly to you, the person actually plot something against you. Coming at you with ill intention ^^


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  1. Wow. Just curious. Is it really different to read first-person perspective chinese? I was under the impression is was near impossible (although my searches don’t turn up anything useful). Just thought that chinese was hard to write in first person!


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