The Paternity Guard – Chapter 01

Chapter 01 – Ying Shi Qi {17}

From Midori: Before anyone of you jump into reading this story; there is a WARNING: M-PREG!!!! This story is Mpreg in wuxia setting (m-preg is the genre in which male can get pregnant, and no this is not ABO or Omegaverse, please don’t mistaken the two) if you have anything against MPREG, get out of here like IMMEDIATELY! I understand we all have our own preferences, so I respect you for not liking MPREG, and I wish for you to respect me back; so if you don’t like MPREG, get out now! I won’t tolerate any bashing or negative comments regarding this genre in this story. Because I did give you warning: one in the title of this story which starts out with [M-PREG], second in the introduction chapter, and third one is right here. So if you are still being persistent and bashing M-PREG in this story, I won’t hesitate to take action. You have my warning~ Now if you are interested in M-PREG, I hope you all enjoy this~ ^^ 


A loud “baang”, a woman was thrown out and rolling on the ground in her untidy clothes, soon she was being towed away, the yard restored its silence.

Ying Shi Yi {11} and Ying Shi Er {12}, who were lying on the roof, exchanged glance with each other, they could see the confusion in each other’s eyes, but the master’s matter is not something that people like them can get involved in, the less they know about it the better it is.

But, Ying Shi Qi, who had been hidden under the giant tree’s branches did not think so, he held up his fingers to count, this was the tenth courtesan that his master had thrown out in one night. It was true, he literally threw her out; people say that his master is very ruthless, he even treats his women with such brutality, no wonder many people say that the master is the perfect epitome of a great and influential figure

But this situation had never happened before and recently it had become even more intense. A few days ago some of the courtesans were able to prolong it for up to one-tenth of the incense time but now they were being thrown out right away! What is happening to the master? Is he getting bored with these courtesans already?

But everyone says that his master never indulges himself in sex with women no matter how pretty or how ugly they are, they all look the same in his master’s eyes. So then the above conclusion is invalid. So what is really the problem here? Ying Shi Qi scratched his head in contemplation, he stared across to the shut door. Behind the door the candle was burning brightly but then the light was gone, the master had gone to bed…

Ying Shi Qi thought about this matter for the whole night long until the next morning when the door to his master’s room burst open. Then he temporarily put this behind him and carried on his daily routine as a shadow guard.


Xing Bei Ming followed his usual routine after getting up: practicing kung fu, eating breakfast, then listening to reports from his subordinates. Next his activities would be arranged by Housekeeper Cheng Bo: going out to socialize with other significant martial arts people, wandering around the city to waste time or accepting an invitation from his good friends to come visit their manor…as the Housekeeper went down the list, he did not seem interested in any of these things.

Being the Lord of “Tian Xia Di Yi” Fort {First Under Heaven Fort} Xing Bei Ming had lived through the family’s rebellion during his childhood and his juvenile years were spent wandering all over the world fighting for survival. He went through many a great difficulty to make a name for himself in his youth along with establishing First Under Heaven Fort. From a lonely nameless juvenile he became the well-known Fort Lord of First Under Heaven Fort who was admired by millions; throughout this process he had had a taste of almost everything: betrayal, abjection, resentment, despair, hope, happiness, friendship, compensation…

Therefore, he was bored…

A bored Xing Bei Ming started to see everything as unpleasant especially those courtesans, each and everyone of them was acting weak and fragile like Xi Shi holding on her chest for life*, which was really annoying and boring! They spent all day trying to think of ways to please him but he was bored and yet no one could see it. In the end they were just a group of selfish people who only care for themselves! Xing Bei Ming got so angry that he threw the porridge bowl he was holding and left.

{Translator Input: Xi Shi is one of the Great Four Beauties of China, it is said that Xi Shi usually hugged her chest and frowned due to an illness in her heart. When she did that an ugly girl standing nearby saw how beautiful she looked and started to imitate her with a frown, but her expression was so painfully ugly that everyone moved to get away from her. So this phrase was used later on to describe a bad imitation that has a negative result.}

Housekeeper Cheng Bo eyed the little girl who was standing on the side waiting to clean up the broken pieces then followed Xing Bei Ming out of the door.

Cheng Bo carefully flipped through the pages of the book in his hands and carefully asked: “My Lord, today is the birthday celebration of League Chief Lam’s daughter and he’s invited you to the celebration, my Lord, what do you say?”

Xing Bei Ming frowned, “Birthday? My birthday celebration is the most grand in this place, why would I need to go to hers? Not going!”

Cheng Bo nodded his head, drew a big line through the “League Chief Lam’s Daughter Birthday” in the book and then closed it.

Xing Bei Ming frowned again, “That’s all for today?”

Cheng Bo nodded, “yes, my Lord, it’s the only event for today.”

Xing Bei Ming was displeased with the report, Cheng Bo studied his expression and then lowered  his head and offered a suggestion: “My Lord, I heard that the Zui Mi Show Boat recently recruited a very talented performer with not only an excellent appearance but nine and half out of ten people have all said that she is to their liking, my Lord, how about…”

Talking about that, I also hope she is also to the Master’s liking, Xing Bei Ming stopped his pacing, “Cheng Bo, lead the way.”


On Yue Ming Lake almost all the boats were booked by private residents of the city, it was more like a place for prodigal sons to gather. Zui Mi Show Boat was the best among those boats, just one word “Zui” {drunk} and one word “Mi”{superficial} were enough to indicate all the scenery in that boat. The lingering scent of alcohol and fragrant powder was enough to indulge the vulgar and wealthy in the sweet heaven of no return.

When Xing Bei Ming stepped on the boat the noisy ferry immediately quieted down because who in Yue Ming City did not have know the Lord of First Under Heaven Fort, Xing Bei Ming? The boat owner immediately rushed out to greet with hand in hand, “Fort Lord Xing, it’s my pleasure to have you here today, please have a seat!” He gestured with his left hand to his original position. There are well-known officials and famous merchants on this boat today and now Xing Bei Ming has come as well, he was certain that his show boat would soon become well-known.

Unexpectedly Xing Bei Ming did not even give the owner a glance, he looked through the first floor of the whole ferry and did not find anything to his interest, “Are you the owner of this boat then where is the most famous performer?”

“Ah?” The boat owner was stunned for a moment but he then immediately replied, “Fort Lord, you mean Shui Xiu Er? This, according to the rule that upon your arrival, any performer that is called to accompany you would not dare say otherwise; but this Shui Xiu Er is not an ordinary child, she has the final say in who she wants to accompany, even though I’m the owner I still cannot afford to offend her, Fort Lord, you must spare me this time!”

Xing Bei Ming did not say anything but the boat owner felt a cold sweat running down his spine, he really could not afford to offend either side because both of them could easily have his life! Cheng Bo took a step forward and pulled the man to the side. He rolled up his sleeve slightly and put something in the man’s palm then whispered, “Let me tell you my master only asked you where so don’t talk about needless things.”

The boat owner again was stunned to hear this, brilliant! He hurriedly led them to the second floor and pointed out the room. After saying his farewell to Xing Bei Ming, he wiped his sweat and returned to the first floor.

Xing Bei Ming walked to the room that the boat owner had pointed out the door had been carelessly shut leaving a small gap between the panels from which came laughter. Xing Bei Ming paused to listen for a moment, only to hear a burst of happy laughter, it was not the sound of a woman’s laughter but it was a young man’s refreshing laughter and it sounded a bit tempting.

Xing Bei Ming’s eyes brightened up all of his grouchy mood was gone, Cheng Bo noticed and was delighted. He immediately advanced to the door to settle everything; no one knows what he did but by the time Xing Bei Ming stepped into the room, only Shui Xiu Er was inside.

Sure enough the person had a dignified and extravagant appearance but no matter how you looked at that person, it was obviously a man. That person did not greet them when they walked in, it seemed that whatever method Cheng Bo used earlier had annoyed him and there were only traces of anger in his eyes.

Xing Bei Ming waved his hand, Cheng Bo made a bow and retreated. Xing Bei Ming looked at Shui Xiu Er, but he just sat there to tidying himself up without paying heed to the man standing there, he would only occasionally glance over to have a look, after all Xing Bei Ming’s presence was large enough even without revealing his status and identity.

The room was very quiet, but an open discussion was going on from the roof above although it could not be heard.

Ying Shi Yi drew a big question mark in front of him: “What is this situation, even men will do this kind of job now? Shouldn’t the master be furious by now?”

Ying Shi Er made an angry gesture, “Such ignorance, many dignitaries now like to try the “backyard flower” thing, they put up such a dignified front but they have secretly done many unthinkable wretched things! Our master is not like you!”

Ying Shi Qi gawked at the two men as they skillfully exchanged gestures, once again he admired them but he really could not understand what they were saying. He could however read the “flower” gesture and he thought to himself that whatever the master was doing below was somehow related to flowers? What kind of flowers?

While Ying Shi Qi was busying himself wondering about such useless matters on the rooftop, down below Xing Bei Ming said, “Laugh.”

“Hah?” Not only Shui Xiu Er but the three shadow guards on the rooftop were stunned as well.

Translator Notes:

[1] The name of our “uke” protagonist is quite interesting, it’s called 17, Ying is the surname, so 17 is his actual name ^^

[2] Shadow guard / 影卫 / Ying Wei – they are bodyguards but hidden bodyguards, like a ninja in a sense. In ancient China, these guards must go through a special training where the only rule is: to be loyal to their master and to never defy the master; we can call it a blind loyalty, but that’s what they are trained for. More about this type of guard will come up in the story so you will have a better understanding of their duties to their master ^^

Translator: Midori

Proofreader: Comix


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    And oh my gosh, they’re actually named 11, 12, and 17. XD Don’t tell me the ones in-between will show up to?!


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