The Love Story of A Passerby – Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Their Private Life

Translator: Miyuki

Proofreader: Sapiosexual

I thought An Yuan would stay a bit longer with his brother, but when the banquet finished, he immediately carried me home, as he opened the door, he threw me onto the mattress.

I was forced to switch to many positions as receiving his many hard thrusting, and finally I could only sit on top of him and did not have energy to utter a word, just kept on panting heavily.

“An Yuan…enough…Ah…” my limbs were giving up on me. All of my energy was spent, only that place still clearly felt the penetration from earlier, a bit numb and hurting, but the feeling of wave after wave of pleasure filling me to the rim was driving me crazy.

I could only produce pleading moans, but he obviously did not listen, and got even more intense. Our skin rubbing against each other, as if even our sweat are being mixed up into a hot mess.

This was really too much, just a few seconds ago I thought that was enough, but the next moment I was able to accept more of him.

I looked at his eyes during my haze, they were moist and dark, very attractive.

In such a circumstance where I could not even save my own life, I was coveting his “beauty”. I propped up and kissed his eyes, which resulted in him starting to move even more intensely.

The result was I lying down on the bed the whole day the next day.

I woke up but I still nestled under the quilt pouting, An Yuan had no other choice but to reluctantly bring my meal to the bedside.

“Beast.” I wrapped the quilt over my head and said, “I’ll call the zoo people to come take you back.”

I saw the corners of An Yuan’s mouth twitching as he put the tray down onto the bedside table, placed his hand on my waist and said: “Before they get here, I don’t mind becoming a beast a second time.”

I quickly sat up to eat.

In the afternoon, I used his laptop to play games on the bed, he sat down on the bed, holding me as helped me knead my waist.

Late in the afternoon, Yang Jian called me, but was interrupted by An Yuan, who would not let me pick it up. Then Xie Qing sent over a text message, the content was: “a small honeybee flying in the sky, then it hits the wall hard, and is dead.” He even added a few “hahaha” behind it.

An Yuan thought about the message for a long time, then concluded: “Then that wall is very high.”

I asked him: “Don’t you feel cold?”[1]

He then turned to ask me: “Are you cold?” Then he held tightly onto my arms.

I played online games, he sat behind me, watching me play very attentatively.

He then listed out all the advantages and disadvantages of the game as a whole assessment, he even displayed the developing direction for the game company. I listened to his analysis to the point that my ears got cramped, so I decisively quit playing. I decided to give up on the game, although it is free.

Later on, we played together, and played very high…

At night, I struggled to get up to cook. Actually, uh, my ass was not that uncomfortable anymore, just that my laziness is a chronic disease that I can hardly overcome.

After we finished dinner, An Yuan took the initiative to clean up the table, then he rolled up his sleeves.

I asked: “What are you doing?”

His ears got a bit red and said: “Wash the dishes.”

“Remember to rinse off the detergent.”

I threw this sentence at him, ran to the bedroom, and closed the door laughing.

He kicked the door open, picked me up and towed me to the kitchen saying: “No, it’s my first time washing the dishes, you must stay and oversee it.”

As a result, we finished washing the dishes half an hour later.


Then we continued on with our lives.

When everything had calmed down as all impulsive emotions have been swept by, there is only peaceful days awaiting us.

There are some trivial and intimate details that will always be balanced out, whether they were angry or happy moments, later on when we recall these moments they will always move us.

I began to start liking dictating to him to do this and that, I especially like to play with his weakness.

For example, I would say: “An Yuan, help me grab the towel on the left.”

The look on his face when he stopped for three seconds to think, I would never get bored of it.

I also liked to tell him: “The left is next to the right.”

He would then get frustrated, and glare at me, which looks really funny.

There is one thing he did that makes me really angry.

He actually took advantage of my absence, opened my laptop and broke my own record on minesweeper. No matter how many times I tried, I still couldn’t break his record. With anger, I cleared the records of the game, everything went back to 0; but still I could never get to the score I used to have.

Because of this, I slept on the sofa for three days.

No matter how much he tried to coax me to go to bed to sleep every night, I kept on refusing, yeah I liked to torture myself like that. He was completely helpless, so he laid out a quilt on the floor next to the sofa to sleep.

And every Friday I would hang out with Yang Jian and the others, I still have my own friends as well. And like they usually say, acquaintances are made over time. The consequence of getting too acquainted to someone is that I started to tell jokes that are so cold that they can freeze someone to the bones…

However, each time I got back from a night out with them on Friday, An Yuan would push me down in the bed, and use another method to flog me.

This week we went bowling, and we continued our exercise when we got back; although the body felt tired, the spirit was very excited. I snuggled into his arm and played with his fingers.

I suddenly remembered something so I asked: “An Yuan, can you talk about your childhood?”

An Yuan dawdle rubbed his chin on my hair, and said in a calm natural voice: “is it the story relating to why I have bad sense of direction? That had happened a long time ago, because my family is rich, due to the bodyguard’s negligence I was kidnapped and locked away in a very dark room.”

“When did that happen?”

“I was 6, but it didn’t last long, only for two days. Those people did not give me anything to eat. Now thinking about it, they probably planned to break the deal then. But then I was saved.”

That was just like a scene on a TV series that everyone is getting bored of watching, but when it actually happens to anyone of us, none of us would be able to withstand the shock. A little child at such a young age, it is the age where the child should be taking care of and to be pampered, rather than being treated so harshly.

I hugged him tightly, really wished that I can turn back time so I can open the door of that dark room for him.

He gently responded back to my touch and kissed me on my forehead: “I’m alright now, just that I have quite a poor sense of direction and have trouble with staying in a dark enclosed space. Other than that I’m fine.”

I raised my head and asked: “Are you afraid of night time?”

He squinted his eyes then shook his head: “This city is always lit up at night.”

I’m still a little worried.

He smiled gently.

I could feel my heartbeat thumping, he rubbed my forehead and said: “I’m alright, you are just like my family. They always think that I must still be traumatized from the incident, so they have always been careful with me and even let me do anything I want. Sometimes I really want to tell them that I’m really okay, don’t worry, but I don’t know where to start.”

Just this, of course he is someone worthy for me to take seriously. I can understand because no matter how much I carefully hold onto him or spoil him, I still think it’s not enough, I just want the best for him.

He warmly breathed out: “So you don’t have to worry.”

Suddenly I felt my heart get filled up, this satisfaction makes me feel overwhelmed, I don’t know how to describe it.

I turned over, and put him under me, then took initiative to kiss him, and took the initiative to guide him to enter my body.

Asides from the sense of shame and pleasure, there was another emotion gradually spreading, I buried my face in his shoulder as my tears flowed non-stop.

Words from the Author:

25: Don’t be onlookers of their private life, but you’re more than welcome to peep in…


[1] when someone makes a very Wtf joke, others would feel Wtf, as if cold wind blows by and cooled down the hype. So that is why they have the “feel cold” phrase, to say the other person’s joke is not funny at all.


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