The Pregnant Woman Next Door, How Are You Doing? – Chapter 09

Chapter 09:

“I took my medicine already.” Wu Ming weakly replied, feeling a bit unstable, Qin Kong quickly held onto him.

“Have you checked your temperature!”


Qin Kong helped Wu Ming to sit down on the sofa in the living room, feeling quite distressed, this person seems to live an excellent life, but he does not know how to take care of himself! He quickly asked: “Where did you put the thermometer?”

Wu Ming pointed to a cabinet in the living room: “The first aid kit is in there…”

Qin Kong hurriedly walked over to look for the thermometer in the first aid kit, then used it to check Wu Ming’s temperature.

Five minutes later, he took it out to see, it read 39°C, the other man is seriously burning, so he immediately said: “Not good, we have to take you to the hospital, let’s go, I’ll go with you.”

Wu Ming did not think it would be that serious. It seems like when someone who rarely gets sick falls ill, and it would be this serious, so he nodded and let Qin Kong help him walk.

Once they were out of the living room, Wu Ming suddenly remembered he forgot to take something, so he pushed Qin Kong and said: “Health insurance, I forgot my health insurance card!”

“Where? I’ll go get it.”

“In the drawer of my working desk in my bedroom!”

“Wait here.” Qin Kong let Wu Ming sit back down on the sofa in the living room, then went into the bedroom, opened the drawer and saw the health insurance card on the left. He hurriedly grabbed the card and accidentally knocked something off the desk, a loud “crash” echoed, the frame on the desk dropped down to the floor.

Luckily it was not shattered! He bent down to pick it up and put it back onto the desktop, Qin Kong was surprised to see it was not a photo, but it was a postcard?

He wiped the glass frame with his sleeve to have a better look at it; he confirmed that it is a postcard, a letter he sent out.

Words written on it were—

To No Name

Thank you for your support, I also wish you to be happy!

CV Clear Sky

These were the type of postcard that he sent out to his fans on his birthday.

He wrote a lot of letters on that day, but this one is the last one he wrote, so he has a very profound impression of it.

He wrote it for a small fan of his who always commented on every one of his weird statuses, has always been listening to his singing on his channel, listens to all of his audio drama and even writes long comment analyzing the audio, this fan is called No Name.

“Qin Kong, you see it?” Wu Ming’s voice called from outside.

The most important thing now is to take Wu Ming to the hospital, so he put the postcard back to its place, and said: “Found it, I’m coming!”

He took the man to the nearest hospital after the doctor checked Wu Ming’s temperature, he looked over to Qin Kong presuming that he is the patient’s family and started to scold him: “Why did you only take him here now?” The doctor immediately prescribed medicine and let Qin Kong take the patient to get a sodium chloride intravenous infusion [1].

By the time the sodium chloride solution bag finished, it was late into the night.

Wu Ming weakly sat on the chair, leaning his fatigued body on Qin Kong’s shoulder, embarrassed: “Sorry for troubling you.”

Qin Kong looked at the still burning Wu Ming, feeling distressed: “You live by yourself yet you don’t take good care of yourself, you should ask for help when you need it; we are neighbors, after all, this is not a bother at all.” Then he silently added in his heart: also, you are the one I like.

Qin Kong carefully wrapped his arm around the other man, and said: “Sleep for a bit, I will call the nurse when it’s time to change the dressing.”

“Uh.” Wu Ming weakly nodded his head, then obediently closed his eyes.

Only now can Qin Kong have a good look at the person leaning on him.

With his eyes closed, the other man’s long eyelashes cast a small shadow on the porcelain white skin, steady weak breathing which made the other feel at ease and peaceful. He had never had a chance to have such close observation; usually, he only saw the other being all blushed in embarrassment, and being all cute when laughing out.

Wu Ming, are you really that No Name?

Are you that No Name that always replies to every of my weibo status?

He suddenly thought: “It doesn’t matter whether you are it or not, I will never let you go.”


By the time Wu Ming sickness went away, it was already three days later.

Within these three days, as long as Qin Kong had free time, he would come over to take care of him.

The man would buy food to cook for him, clean and tidy up his room, and be very meticulous in every possible way.

When seeing that he is so skinny, the other man would try every mean, even looked up on the internet for numerous recipes to cook for him, forcing him to eat them.

Wu Ming tried to refuse one after another, saying that he is not a disabled person; moreover, this would be too much trouble for the other man.

Qin Kong only said: “We’re neighbors, no need to be so polite on these matters.”

Wu Ming understood that it would be impolite of him for keep on refusing, so he had to accept it silently.

To take care of him, these days Qin Kong did not sing in his channel and did not start on any recordings for the audio drama.

He also made a weibo status—

CV Clear Sky: Recently I have to take care of my family matters, so that I won’t be on YY, everyone should not waste your time waiting for me on YY. To the production staff, please be understanding, I’ll send the recordings to you after I settle things on my side.

For the first time, Wu Ming did not comment, since he did not know what to write exactly.

He did not expect the other to call him family, and he also was being taken care of by the other man too.

He felt a little bit happy, but at the same time, he also had these greedy thoughts of wanting to be sick for a few more days.

He touched the postcard on the table and sighed.

While next door, Qin Kong quietly followed Wu Ming’s “No Name in the Name” weibo, reading the whole weibo from the beginning until now. The other’s weibo does not have a lot of updates, only a few hundred statuses, mostly they were some forwards of the world’s favorite topics or some silly questions like the more one laughs, the easier one gets pregnant and the likes.

Then he read through the other’s comments on his weibo status one more time—

It’s getting cold now, and please keep warm.

The weather forecast said it would rain tomorrow, remember to take an umbrella.

Sama sings well tonight.


Reading these comments made his heart feel so warm, a few comments were mentioning the pregnant woman next door, he unwittingly laughed out loud as rolled on his bed: Hahaha, how can Wu Ming be so cute, calling himself the pregnant lady!

The comments led him to press F5 repeatedly each time he finished updating a weibo status, just to wait for Wu Ming’s reply.

He had decided to confess to Wu Ming on Qixi Festival[2] night, if it was not that, now is not an appropriate time, he needs to make some preparations; otherwise he would have rushed out to knock on the other man’s door confessing I like you right away.

He laughed hehe, then made a weibo status—

CV Clear Sky: Asking for a suggestion, want to declare my love on the Qixi Festival night, besides roses, what else should I prepare?

The following comments consisted of wishing him to succeed, and all kind of gifts suggestions was brought up; Qin Kong pouted, he just wanted to see Wu Ming’s reply.

Wu Ming saw this weibo status and was feeling sad for a long time. Full of jealous thoughts, he held onto his pillow sitting stunned on the bed: Clear Sky has someone he likes, Clear Sky has someone they like, Clear Sky has someone he likes.

He organized his thoughts to reply to Clear Sky—

No Name in the Name: As long as the two people like each other, it doesn’t matter what gift is given.

Right when Clear Sky received the comment, he immediately replied: But I don’t know what he likes.

Wu Ming got surprised for a moment, then sighed, this person is not even him, yet he still answered: Since it is him, then get him a ring, put it on him with your hand. Sama, wish you happiness ^ ^.

Qin Kong snapped his fingers a few times, then muttered to himself: “Ah, I’ll give you happiness.”


[1] sodium chloride intravenous infusion – those liquid bags that most people would be injected with when entering the hospital to prevent dehydration ^^

[2] Qixi Festival – is a Chinese festival that celebrates the annual meeting of the cowherd and weaver girl in Chinese mythology. It falls on the seventh day of the 7th month of the Chinese calendar. It is sometimes called the Double Seventh Festival, the Chinese Valentine’s Day, the Night of Sevens, or the Magpie Festival.

Proofreaders: Light & Liv


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