Love You 59 Seconds – Chapter 65

Chapter 65: Offline 3 {R-14}

Rating Reason: For me, explicit is NC-21; that is explicit. Anything that is foreplay is like R-14, child’s play for me. But maybe that’s just me LOL well, I’m corrupted, so I’m a different case XDDD

Wu Han Ying got incredibly embarrassed. Never in his wildest dreams did he think that Xia Yan would come kiss him, although it was less than half a second…

After being pulled into the room by Xia Chen, Wu Han Ying was still in a daze until he heard the sound of the door closing; only then did he wake out of his trance. He looked up and saw Xia Chen’s not so good expression…

“That…” Wu Han Ying let out a small whine and did not know what to say for a long time, then he finally touched the bridge of his nose.

Xia Chen on the other hand seemed to show zero emotion, his face was still at ease as he folded his arms and stood about five or six steps away to look at the boy. The man looked directly at him which made the boy feel quite guilty.

Wu Han Ying could feel the hair standing up on his back, he tried to turn his head but his neck became stiff. He muttered, “What are you looking at, it’s not like I wanted to be kissed…” he did not get to finish his sentence when he was pushed by the shoulder; he fell backward two steps and then landed on the bed.

“Tell me, how am I going to let you off today?” Xia Chen raised his brows, one hand went to the boy’s shoulder while the other hand circled around the boy’s waist.

The distance between their bodies was minimal, even their voices were quiet and sounded ambiguous. But Wu Han Ying did not have time to think about this kind of ambiguous feeling. Xia Chen leaned forward, his hot breath swept across the boy’s face, causing him to instinctively lean backward. As he retreated one inch back, the older man would advance one inch forward, until the older man’s lips were placed on the top of the bridge of his nose.

“This will not do.” Wu Han Ying felt like his waist was about to break in half, so he reached out to grab the man’s arm. If he were to lean back any further, he would be lying down on the bed for sure.

Xia Chen completely ignored his words, leaned down to kiss his forehead and then slid his way down to his nose.

His body started to tremble, Wu Han Ying turned his head to the side, but unexpectedly the older man actually kissed his ear and then wandered down along his neck, “Hey hey, not good; we’re at Jun Zhe’s home.”

“That’s okay.” Xia Chen pressed him down on the bed, as he sucked on the boy’s ear and kissed it. He gently bit down on it, leaving a few red marks on the smooth skin.

“Ouch, it hurts…” Wu Han Ying of course did not know that the other man was marking him, he only felt a bit itchy and quite numb on his neck. He felt a slight pain from being bitten by the other man, unconsciously he let out a small hissing sound. But he immediately regretted it when those words left his mouth, it sounded like he was pouting…he even put a little high note at the ending syllable of the word…really it is not good.

Wu Han Ying was scared by his own voice, then he suddenly shuddered as he felt something slightly cold; when he looked down, he saw that his own shirt had been unbuttoned, “wait, wait wait! I, wait…”

Xia Chen’s hand stroked his waist, he didn’t let the boy finish speaking before he had sealed his mouth with a kiss and started to tease the boy’s mouth with his tongue.

Wu Han Ying was unable to produce any words, he could only let out a low throaty moan. He was getting kissed to the point of breathlessness, he tried to push the man away to escape. He tried twisted his body underneath the man but it did not help since the pressure on top of him was too strong.

“Are you seducing me?” Xia Chen kindly let go of the boy’s ravaged swollen lips and gently kissed the boy’s clavicle.

Wu Han Ying did not have any strength left to answer his question, he was too busy gasping for air trying to catch his breath. Earlier he did not swallow in time, some of the saliva started leaking out of his mouth and made a trail down to his clavicle which turned into a cool silver line. He subconsciously tried to wipe it with the back of his hand, but his shirt was getting unbuttoned which meant his chest was exposed to a hungry pair of eyes. With the boy’s shirt sleeves hanging by his arms, this pose of his made him look particularly sensual.

Xia Chen slid down and licked the silver line on the boy’s collarbone, his mouth started traveling down until he reached that protruding red bean on the boy’s chest and gently bit down on it with his teeth.

“Ah” Wu Han Ying’s waist shivered, he jerked up as he let out a small cry. His face immediately became flushed. When he got back his senses, he tried to push the man’s head away with his hands, “What are you doing…ah, be gentle!” He could feel the other man sucking on it even harder, it felt a little ticklish at first but then he started feeling a tingling sensation. With an unknown awkwardness, his body became stiff. He did not know whether to push the man away or to hug him.

“Lao Da, Lao Da.”

Xia Chen furrowed his brows, there was a knock on the door but he ignored it at first; however, after a while, there were small voices outside the door.

“You go open the door.” Wu Han Ying squirmed his way from under the man’s body, rolled to the other side of the bed and covered himself up with the quilt. Seeing this made Xia Chen chuckle.

“Don’t get angry, I’ll be back soon.” Xia Chen rhythmically patted the quilt, then stood up to open the door.

Outside the door, Xiao Xiao Xiao and Oh Oh Oh were standing with a very well-behaved obedient manner; when Xia Chen opened the door, they were like two little bunnies ready to be scolded.

“Lao Da, you are not angry…right?” Xiao Xiao Xiao was pinched by Oh Oh Oh, so she quickly changed her voice.

When Xia Chen dragged Wu Han Ying away, his face did not look that good, but now, his face looked somewhat strange. They did not wait for him to answer as Xiao Xiao Xiao quickly added, “Lao Da Lao Da, I didn’t have any ill intent, really really. I didn’t want Sao Zi to be kissed by someone else! I I I didn’t expect that Xiang Zuo Beauty would suddenly…I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.”

Xia Chen felt quite speechless as he waved his hand, he understood that the girls ran over here to apologize and only meant well, but it turned out they were actually interrupting his good time. This really is the most inexplicable moment, “It’s getting late now, you two should go back and sleep.”

“Lao Da, you’re not angry, right?” Oh Oh Oh stuck her head out to ask.

Xia Chen just shook his head, closed the door and walked back to his room.

Wu Han Ying covered his whole body with the blanket, feeling completely dejected. Right at that moment his heart was still beating rapidly, he was feeling a little panicked. His heartbeat was drumming so loud it deafened his ears. When he thought about what happened earlier it caused him to feel irritated. He could not help but scold himself for not being half as calm as Xia Chen.

Xia Chen closed the door and returned to the room. He saw that the boy had already wrapped himself up leaving only his head exposed, he looked at the boy’s flushed face and said “Let’s continue.” Then he sat down on the bed and reached out his hand to hug the bundle under the quilt.

Wu Han Ying swallowed his saliva…continue, sure let’s continue, he gritted his teeth as he stretched out his hands to grab Xia Chen. He used his strength to push the older man down on the bed and then shifted his body to where he was riding on top of him, “I’ll do it!”

“Hm?” Xia Chen only looked at him and smiled. He did not resist and placed his hands on the boy’s waist, as he hummed in a playful tone.

Wu Han Ying decided he must first undress the older man, it would be strange if he was the only one with their clothes off. Even though the other person was being pressed under him, he still wore an expression of “I’m teasing you right now”, which made him feel uncomfortable. He simply took off the man’s glasses and waved them around his finger, “Can you see now?”

“I can’t see, but I can feel with my hands.” Xia Chen reached out his hands to touch the boy’s lips, then they glided downward to his chest and slipped to his waist.

“Take your hands away…” Wu Han Ying diverted the hands as he shoved them away. Then he tried to unbutton the man’s shirt while complaining in his heart, why are there so many buttons on this shirt.

He successfully unbuttoned all the buttons, but then he felt even more depressed. Xia Chen’s body is worth looking at when compared to his own…he leaned down as he tried to repeat what he had just learned earlier. Using his mouth he glomped onto Xia Chen’s neck and didn’t let go of the man’s collarbone.

“Hsss—” Xia Chen smiled as he hissed, even though he did use a little bit of force earlier, he did not actually “bite” the boy. Even though he hissed, he did not move or try to stop him.

“Hurt?” Wu Han Ying quickly let go, it was really red but fortunately the skin wasn’t broken. He gently kissed the red mark and then stretched out his tongue to lick the mark.

Xia Chen this time inhaled deeply, Wu Han Ying was doing this and that on his body, which tempted him. He really wanted to flip the boy over and get on top of him, he wanted to mess him up to his heart’s content.

Wu Han Ying noticed the body under him shuddering, which only made him even happier. The man’s reaction encouraged him to kiss and suck on the man’s skin more, as he produced a cheeky smile like a little kitten. Suddenly he felt something hot rubbing against his thigh, his face got beet red… “You…”

He did not get to finish his sentence, when someone came and knocked on the door…

Wu Han Ying was like a little kitten that had just had its tail stepped on, he immediately jumped out of bed and straightened his clothes. Xia Chen was in that kind of state, so obviously he could not answer the door, “I, I will go answer the door.”

Xia Chen felt completely helpless, who could be outside the door now? He really was starting to think that those people were deliberately causing trouble…

Wu Han Ying patted his face, giving his heart time to calm down then he went and opened the door.

Xia Yan was standing outside, once he saw the door open, he began to say, “Bro, I didn’t mean to…Oh?! Sao, Sao Zi. Ah, Sao Zi earlier it was unintentional. It was just that I saw Xiao Xiao Xiao and the others were forcing Ah Zhe to kiss you…I didn’t want Ah Zhe to kiss you and then, I panicked…I didn’t mean to.”

“…No, it’s okay.” Wu Han Ying’s face heated up, he was afraid the other would notice it so he quickly said it was okay and readily to turn the guest away.

At first Xia Yan did not notice what was wrong, but he quickly caught on and blatantly stared at the boy, “Sao Zi, you’re in my brother’s room. Sao Zi, what happened to your ear? Is it an allergic reaction, it’s all red.

“No, nothing.” Wu Han Ying touched the top of his ear, he did not eat anything strange, so it couldn’t be any type of allergy, right? He suddenly remembered what happened earlier and how he left red marks on Xia Chen’s collarbone…his chin immediately met his chest, “No no not an allergy, nah…..right, it’s an allergy, I need to go back.”

After saying that, he turned to close the door and rushed into the room; he was seen, so embarrassing…

Wu Han Ying returned to the room and saw Xia Chen laughing, he immediately gave him a slanted stare. He jumped into bed and wrapped himself up in the quilt, “I’m sleepy! I’m going to sleep.”

“Sleep now?”

“Sleepy, sleepy, sleepy.” Wu Han Ying heard the older man’s ambiguous tone and pretended he did not hear it by closing his eyes tight and playing dead. He was really tired, from running around all day with the group and he felt mentally exhausted. Earlier he had tried to summon up all his courage to do that with Xia Chen, right when he had taken off the man’s clothes someone came and knocked on the door…

The next day everyone woke up late, they started eating breakfast sometime after 9 o’clock. The red mark on Wu Han Ying’s ear was not very obvious, since Xia Chen wasn’t too forceful when he bit on the boy’s ear. However, Xia Chen’s neck did not share the same fate. Wu Han Ying did not pay attention to his force in the heat of the moment and it didn’t help that the man was wearing a shirt with the first button undone so the marks could clearly be seen by everyone.

Xiao Xiao Xiao and Oh Oh Oh carefully observed Wu Han Ying and Xia Chen, once in awhile they would lower their heads and whisper something, then they would stare at the two again and then whispered something again. These actions made Wu Han Ying curious as to what was going on.

“Do you see those red marks on Lao Da’s neck?”

“It’s so obvious, how can I not see it.”

“Ah, I did not expect Sao Zi’s hidden attribute was to be that passionate ah!”

“Right, right! So many marks, tsk tsk.”

“Ah! Don’t tell me Sao Zi is actually a seme!”

“Ah? It can’t be, don’t inverse the CP!”

“Puffhaha, it’s weak seme and strong uke! I’m so evil!”


At noon Mo Rui came over to meet up with everyone, so he treated everyone to Quan Ju De and then that night they went to Kao Rou Ji and ordered a table full of food; it could be said everything was quite “luxurious”. Of course, the one feeling distressed was Xiao Mo. After they finished dinner, it was almost time for everyone to leave, since everyone flying out had booked a late flight. Xiao Xiao Xiao still drove back with Da Suan as planned.

Everyone drove to the airport together, Xiao Xiao Xiao and Oh Oh Oh did not want to say goodbye yet, so they took lots of pictures with their phones. They took a lot of pictures of Xia Yan, beauty really is meant to be appreciated.

And then they dragged Wu Han Ying and Xia Chen over to take pictures together, that had caused Wu Han Ying to feel shy since he didn’t have a good look. However, Xiao Xiao Xiao said that Sao Zi is the simple and cute type, a person’s temperament is very important.

That made Wu Han Ying feel even more 囧, the simple and cute type, then what kind of temperament…an innocent temperament…

Everyone had been talking and laughing, Wu Han Ying looked up and saw that not too far from where they were, stood a girl that keep looking in their direction; is she checking him out? He moved out of her sight a few times, yet no matter where he went her stare was still on him.

“What’s wrong?” Xia Chen tilted his head to look in the direction the boy was looking, and his eyes met with the woman’s’.

That girl did not seem to panic, instead she seemed to be quite relaxed as she smiled and walked over to them.

As she approached, Wu Han Ying got a better look at her; she looked quite young and seemed to be in her early twenties. Even though she is so young she is very beautiful and has a very mature feeling about her. It is the kind of aura that makes people feel fluttery but not too extravagant and her temperament is very good too.

Jun Zhe was joking around with the others as he playfully hugged Xia Yan’s shoulder, but when he saw her the smile on his face immediately froze and then he frowned.

“Why is she here?” Xia Yan’s face became solemn.

“It’s just a coincidence.” That girl smiled, “I was about to board my flight when I happened to see you, I wanted to come over and say hi.” After saying that, her stare turned to Wu Han Ying, she looked him up and down, “Honestly, I wanted to see you, I wanted to know in the end what kind of person…and a man to boot, had made me lose so thoroughly.”

Wu Han Ying felt a bit strange hearing her words. He saw her stretch out her hand and realized she wanted to shake hands with him.

“Qi Yue Wei.”

Wu Han Ying was surprised since he had long forgotten this name “Qi Yue Wei”, and he did not think that he would meet her in person under these circumstances.

Xia Chen frowned and wanted to pull Wu Han Ying behind him. However, before he was able to do that Wu Han Ying’s lips curved into a smile, shook her hand and quickly loosened it, “…I’m sorry. But I really like Xia Chen, it has nothing to do with winning or losing.”

Qi Yue Wei paused for a few seconds at hearing this and nodded then waved her hand, “It doesn’t matter, I don’t like him and now it also has nothing to do with winning or losing…goodbye.” Then she walked away.

Xiao Xiao Xiao and Oh Oh Oh carried a bunch of hot drinks back with them and were a little curious, “Who is that woman?”

“Take a guess.” Da Suan unclenched his hand, took a cup and did not say anything more.

“I don’t want to know either.” Xiao Xiao Xiao made a double eyelid expression {=.=}, then heaved out a grunt and drank her beverage.

Once they had successfully sent everyone off around midnight the rest drove back to their respective homes.

Wu Han Ying nestled in the passenger seat, he was feeling so sleepy that his eyes wouldn’t open. Out of nowhere he felt a kiss on his forehead.

Xia Chen adjusted the boy’s seat and petted his head as he turned the car on, “Sleep first if you’re sleepy…”

“…Also, Xiao Wu, I love you.”

Wu Han Ying hummed an “uh”, he faintly heard the man say something, but he did not react right away. Half a minute later he started to sober up, then he buried his cheeks into his collar and grunted out an “uhm” sound.

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  1. Haha, cockblocked.
    It’s soooooooo nice to see BL pairings where the seme isn’t rapey and the uke actually participates. It’s so clear that they super like each other too, kyaaaaa!


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