The Love Story of A Passerby – Chapter 20

Chapter 20: An Invisible Line

Translator: Miyuki

Proofreader: Sapiosexual

On Monday, I actually got rid of my Monday Syndrome, and went to work in high spirit.

But the army on the bus is an irresistible force, and I was being squeezed in pain, yet I still maintained my good spirit.

I walked to the elevator, and saw An Yuan standing there, we looked at each other, at the same time. I felt an overflowing happiness within my heart.

Although it was usual for us riding the elevator together, the feeling was completely different; No one around us knows of our relationship, when in fact we are sharing such intimate relationship that no one could have imagined.

Exiting the elevator, I took wide steps towards the office, I was in such a good mood that I almost sang out loud.

But, people cannot always be happy, something would always get in the way to destroy this happiness.

The chief called me to the office, gravely criticized and severely condemned me for failing to come to work overtime on Saturday.

“If you couldn’t come to work, you should have informed me from the beginning, ah. You said you will come, but you didn’t come, ah. This behavior of yours has caused great trouble for everyone, don’t you know it, ah? On the moral issue, if you can’t keep up with your words, how do you expect other people to trust in the future, ah?”

I bowed my head, listening to the chief keep saying ah ah ah, my thinking started to drift back to the real reason for my tactic.

As I thought about Friday night to that Saturday morning, my face couldn’t help but blush deep red.

Maybe my blushed face made the chief think that I’m being ashamed, and deemed that I can still be saved, so after an hour and five minutes of long lecture, I was released to go back to do self-criticism.

I went back to hide behind my computer to play spider card game, since I could no longer break my own record at minesweeper.

However, I have underestimated the power of fate, when I was ready to head to my lunch at noon, the chief once again stopped me.

“Xiao Wang.”

The chief looked quite gloomy, and very serious.

I swallowed my saliva, thinking that I the fact that I used the company phone to recharge Q coins has been found out.

The chief first spent half an hour to introduce the responsibility of the General Affairs Department to me, and when my stomach began growling, he mysteriously patted my shoulder, and said to me: “The company has just developed a new product, and received great response from the market, so the company decided to have a celebration banquet; we will invite our partners and other relevant competitors to the banquet. This is a very important banquet.”

I nodded, so it was the celebration banquet, that means it was time for us to do our job, my fellow backstage staffs, we would get busy…

“I’ve decided that you will be in charge this time.”

I continued to nod.

Wait! Say what?

“I’ve agreed to give you the job, and since you are taking on the job, don’t be lazy, don’t be like last Saturday.” The chief laughed haha, “I’m hungry, I’m going to eat now, now go on to get ready for your project, tomorrow send me a rough draft of your plan.”

After saying that, he acted like those elders in the wuxia movies, clasping their hands together on the back and walked away.

As for me, ten minutes later I pushed back my lower jaw where it should be.

The depression clearly showed on my face as I made my way into the cafeteria, I looked at the leftover soup and the chef, quite speechless. My phone vibrated, I looked at it and saw it was An Yuan, he asked me to go to the emergency staircase to meet up with him.

I hurriedly ran over, and saw him standing there with the lunch box.

I looked at the lunch box with tears.

He handed me the lunch box and said: “you must be starving.”

I asked: “How do you know?”

“I asked Bai Ling to ask people from your department, and they said that you were being called in by your Chief.”

So it was like that, he made his subordinate to inquire for him.

I got a light migraine from the hunger, so I directly opened the lunchbox, and said while eating: “You want to do a celebration banquet, we the General Affairs Department will start suffering, the boss wants me to be in charge this time, really wants to work me to my death.”

“Then I’ll cancel it.”

I almost choked to my death, An Yuan handed me a glass of water that came out of nowhere, and let me drink it as he patted my back. I stared at him with grievance, but he showed me that faint smile.

“When I’m almost done being busy, it’s your turn to be busy.” he said.

I started to complain: “I have no experience at all, and tomorrow I have to submit my rough draft, so I shall have to start on it tonight.”

“Is it?” He only asked that one sentence and did not say anything further.

I finished my meal and wiped my mouth with my hand then said: “Thank you.” I almost asked how much this lunchbox is, but I thought about it that our relationship had gotten to this stage, it seemed like allowing money preoccupy our relationship is not good.

The atmosphere seemed to be slowly frozen right after I said “thank you”.

I was feeling a bit uneasy, not knowing what to say, An Yuan helped me discard the lunchbox in the trashcan next to us, and then calmly said: “Then I’ll go now, don’t overwork yourself.”

I subconsciously nodded, looking at his disappearing back, as an urge to hold him back surged in me, but if I pulled him back, what would I do with him, I don’t know either.

In the afternoon, I checked out all the files of the company’s previous large-scale parties to study them; however, my mind kept on wandering off elsewhere.

I really should not be saying “thank you”.

Soon it was time to get off work, I received a text message from An Yuan asking if I want him to send me home, I turned to look at the pile of files on the table, then replied: “I have to work overtime today, so no need to wait for me.”

I almost typed in those two words of “thank you” again.

An Yuan still told me to not overwork myself.

I let out a wry smile. These works are not being considered as hard labor, compared to his amount of work, these kinds of works are just some trivial matter. Suddenly I felt those files become so boring.

The chief placed me in charge of this project, it made me very happy, because this can be seen as my first step to improving myself…

I shook my head to shake away all the weird thinkings, and then forced myself to continue looking through the files.

When I got out of the company, it was very dark outside; I only ate some biscuits that my colleague share with me, my stomach started to get uncomfortable, I was getting ready to quickly go home. Since it was the too late the public transportation was about to close off, so I was thinking of taking a taxi back.

I went to the curbside, looking up and down to see if I can catch a taxi home.

The intersection signal was of red light, I inadvertently turned my gaze to look at the opposite side of the street, then my eyes got wide open.

That person is…

Yang Jian?

I wanted to cross the street, but the red light turned green, and the oncoming traffic blocked my advance, and when I looked again at the other side of the road, that person was long gone.

Actually, I was not sure if it was him or not, but that body…does resemble his.

When I was still in my daze, a car came over and stopped in front of me, An Yuan rolled down the window and said to me: “Get on.”

Words from the Author:

19: Asides from the red line, there is another thing that lies in the middle of the two people.


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