The Love Story of A Passerby – Chapter 19

Chapter 19: A Normal Date {PG-16}

Translator: Miyuki

Proofreader: Sapiosexual

I quietly waited near the company’s entrance, but my heart was not as calm and quiet as I made out.

Anyway, calm has never been my good quality, so I decided to start circling in place.

When I was making my tenth lap, I almost bumped into An Yuan’s chin.

“What are you doing?” He stared at me with wide eyes.

I smiled embarrassingly and said: “Nothing.” Then I stepped forward, but my head was a bit dizzy.

So many emotions got mixed up as I was sitting in his car.

The gap between the rich and the poor is not only a very serious problem that plagued our country, but it also plagued me.

He was driving as he asked me: “Where do you want to eat?”

I quickly said: “Anywhere is fine, you decide.”

As the result, we ended up at that same restaurant.

I looked up at the restaurant’s sign, is this the so-called ill-fated relationship?

As I sat down with him, he asked me: “What do you want to eat?”

I shook my head and said: “You decide.”

Then I was surprised to find that he had ordered the exact same dishes that I was there the last time.

My mood got a bit complex.

“Why you come to the company today?” I asked while we waiting for our food.

An Yuan looked at me and said slowly: “Because I rushed back on Friday, so a lot of work isn’t done yet.”

I listened then felt a bit uncomfortable, said: “I delayed your work?”

He let out a relaxed expression and faintly smiled: “No, delay is not the right word to use.” He paused and continued, “If I have to say it, then it’s work that delaying us.”

I blushed, isn’t this called sweet talking?

I saw him cover his mouth to let out a cough.

When our food came up, he placed the food into my plate, I think this meal seemed to taste so much better than the last time I was here.

After we were done eating, he asked me: “Do you have plan tonight?”

I nodded.

I saw a quick flash of lost in his eyes, but then he quickly said: “Where do you want to go? I’ll take you there.”

I laughed and said: “My plan is to be with you, do you have other plan?”

He got slightly surprised, as his eyes turned tender.

“Then where do we go after this?” I asked.

He said: “Let’s go see a movie.”

…Go see a movie after dinner, this is quite familiar.

But I still followed him to the theater.

He asked for my opinion again, I still said up to him. Then he bought the tickets for a horror movie…

Although I’m not scared of horror movie, why horror movie?

I think there must be some strange thoughts on An Yuan’s mind…

Nowadays, not many people are liking horror movie, so the theater room was quite empty; I had wanted to sit near the front rows, but he pulled me back.

“Let’s sit in the back.” He said.

I obediently followed him to sit in the back row.

This seat…is very not safe…

Maybe I was just thinking too much, so I moved my body.

An Yuan bought a standard movie snack of a popcorn and a coke, then stuffed it into my hand, I once again moved in my seat.

The little girl passing by me to go through the row to the inner seat saw the snacks I had on my hand, she pointed at me and said to her mother: “Mom, I want popcorn.”

The mother said: “That belongs to the Uncle.”

I felt a little ashamed.

An Yuan might have felt this too, so he said through tight lips: “Give that to the kid, I’ll get you another one.”

I handed the popcorn to the kid along with the coke, I watched as the child skipping happily behind her mother, I let out a sigh of relief then turned to An Yuan to say: “No need to, let’s watch the movie.”

However, the parenting education is quite terrible these days, letting such a small child to watch horror movie, would that be good for their physical and mental development?

The movie finally started. All lights got turned off, well it’s a horror movie so the background music has the same chilling tone, especially for the domestic movies.

At first our attention was on the movie, but over the time, our attention gradually moved away from the screen.

I wanted to turn around to talk to the person next to me, but I felt quite timid, not knowing what to say, and he seemed to be very interested in the movie.

Finally I could not resist the temptation, so I quietly turned around and looked at his face.

The light on the screen reflected off his face in a flashing manner. His sideway profile looks really handsome, deep eyes, and thin lips.

I stupidly looked at him, I suddenly realized that the person in the photo on my computer desktop was now sitting next to me.

I don’t have to keep on gazing at the photo on my desktop, and I don’t have to eagerly waiting for our two times encounter every day at work.

He also turned his head and looked at me in the eyes.

He slowly leaned over, something was flashing in his eyes, he said: “I…want to kiss you, can I?”

He asked me again, maybe it was due to the darkness, this time I said: “I also want to kiss you.”

I could feel the temperature rising up on my face, luckily it was very dark in the theater.

He first rubbed my cheek with the tip of his nose, then his warm lips touched mine.

He gently pried my teeth open to let the soft tongue enter inside. I closed my eyes, yet I could still hear the heavy breathing, the tickling feeling spreading from my mouth all the way to my spine, causing a great commotion in my head.

I could only trying to hold onto his arm, letting him sucking gently onto my tongue.

My body temperature slowly rose up, I almost became breathless, but still I did not want to let go. He gently separated us, then staring at me.

Using the flashing light coming from the movie, I was able to see his moist shimmering lips.

The lower half of my body had begun to react, I embarrassedly bowed my head down.

He lifted up my chin and kissed me again, suddenly he crossed over the handrail, placing his hand on my abdomen.

“An, An Yuan…” I uttered in horror.

“Don’t talk.” He whispered, then slipping his hand down to unzip my pants’ zipper, and dove his hand inside.

I clenched my teeth to not producing any indecent sounds as his hand began to stroke up and down, I shamefully shrank my body.

I had no idea what was being showed on the screen right now in the movie, just that everyone on the front row was paying close attention to it.

Yet we were performing some intimate acts in the dark corner.

He inched in closer to kiss me, while my mind was too wonton to think much of anything, wave after wave of pleasure made me shudder so good that I slid down in my seat. He left my lips to put me in his embrace, then kissed my neck. I could only bite my own fingers to hold back my moaning.

When I reached my climax, I let out a loud whimper that somehow being submerged in the sound of the movie.

I leaned on his arms to catch my breath, until my breathing became normal he released me, then he wiped his hand with a paper towel.

I looked away, so embarrassing.

After a while, I nervously asked him in a weak voice: “Want, want me to help you…”

He shook his head then kissed me with sparkling eyes.

Although I felt slightly bad for him, I was sure that I may not be able to do it…

When the movie is over, can someone tell me what it is about?

After we left the theater, my face was still beet red and I was too embarrassed to look up at him. He drove me home, and when we reached my complex, I summoned up all my courage to say: “Come in and stay a while.”

He placed his hand behind my neck and said: “I’ll have to head back to the company.”

“Ah?” That busy, I dared not to say more, only bid him goodbye.

“See you tomorrow.” He let go of his hand, and I felt my neck got slightly cold.

I reluctantly waved and watched his car driving away.

Had a normal dinner, watched a normal movie, uh…and did a quite normal act in the movie theater…and finally said a normal goodbye.

These activities are probably being called as dating, though quite normal, I still like it.

Words from the Author:

18: Just a normal love story, but many people are wishing for such normal love…


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