The Love Story of A Passerby – Chapter 18

Chapter 18: The One Who Started It All

Translator: Miyuki

Proofreader: Sapiosexual

I did not know what had gotten into me, on Sunday I went out early to buy a green shirt. Because I’m a youth with principle, I did not buy red rose.

I came to the coffee shop across from my work place twenty minutes early, and through the coffee shop’s window I could see the Hao Xing building. I even came on a Sunday to take a look at my workplace, this feeling was quite hard to explain.

When Miss Mo entered the coffee shop on her high heels, I glanced over at my watch, 3:30, exactly on time.

She sat down opposite me, then first praised my green shirt: “Not bad not bad, you’re one of a few men who wears green that doesn’t make you look like a frog.”

I think my smile must be quite stiff.

The waiter came over and we both ordered coffee. To tell the truth, I really don’t like this drink, but as a competent laity, in order to keep up my image, I could only follow the trend.

I took the initiative to say: “Let me introduce myself, my name is Wang Shou Ning.”

Miss Mo’s lips curved up: “Mo Bai Ling, nice to meet you.” She squinted her eyes asking me, “I don’t know if Mr. Wang wants to beat around the bush first or shall we just go straight to the point?”

“Straight to the point.” To save us time.

“Okay.” She suddenly circled her hands around, making a very strange movement.

I stared at her.

“I don’t know where to start.” She smiled apologetically.

I reluctantly took a sip of coffee, then said: “How do you know that was me online…let’s start from there.”

“That? You mean the “Pink Lady” ID?”

Com’on, could you not say it out loud, I flinched a bit, what had gotten into me when I created that nickname ah.

“Oh, that’s because I checked your IP address and found it is the company’s internal address, as long as you use the company’s network, then the technical team would be able to find out who’s using what computer correspondingly.”

…This is one of the drawbacks of using the company’s network when at work.

Miss Mo’s eyes curved up looking at me and smiling, yet it made me feel a chill running down my spine.

“I have always taken an interest in you from the beginning. It was because I submitted a vacation leave to go abroad to relax but it was vetoed by An Yuan, so I put up his pictures online, but I did not expect to see someone so persistent.”

She still had her smile on, but it looked a lot more gentle now, it gave off a very tender feeling to others and less oppressing, I felt somewhat relieved.

“Ai, actually everything started with me, I told An Yuan this as a joke. I said, you see, someone got so jealous of you to the point of even taking your picture as a dart target to play with.”

She looked at her own coffee cup: “That time I actually thought about other arrangements, but then again this was not a plot in a novel or a movie. Unexpectedly, from my careless sentence, An Yuan began to pay attention to you.”

I got beet red.

“I don’t want to say much details, but until one day, he actually hacked into my computer to steal my chat with you.” Miss Mo slapped her hand down, very indignant.

I quickly said: “Please calm down, calm down.”

“Hmph, he thought he could do it without anyone knowing, hmp hmp, think that I studied computer science in school for nothing? Even if he could steal my things, don’t think that I cannot find out who did it!”

It sounded like they have installed a lot of programs in their computers, that was of an advance level above me.

“Then, asides from you using that nickname, there was also An Yuan?” I asked.

Miss Mo mischievously smiled and winked at me a few times, then said: “Yeah. When I found out about it, I cornered him; that boring wood is never good at hiding things from me, so then later on we both shared that ID.”

I got speechless.

“Anyway, I think it was quite easy to distinguish us, the kind of old-fashioned talking is him.” Miss Mo supported her chin with a hand.

I’m not that much of a fool, with such obvious contrast I had noticed it for quite sometimes.

“Such a stupid method, right?”

“Ah?” I stupidly looked at her.

“Because in this aspect, An Yuan can be seen as a fool. To tell you the truth, it’s not like he doesn’t have a girlfriend before, but his way of loving is the same with the way he does his work. Everyone at home is getting all anxious because of him, yet he really has no clue how or why. Don’t be fooled by his serious face, actually asides from having sharp sense when it comes to work, other than that he is very simpleton.”

“Therefore, it was such a naive method of stealing my QQ nickname from me, but it was the first time he put someone in his heart. Sometimes I would see him secretly hide at the staircase of your floor, and watch you running around in a hurry with a document in hand. He did such stupid things that only a student would do. Even though I was disgusted by his act, I also felt distressed for him.”

I looked down as my eyes got a little tingly, as if something got caught in my heart, it ruthlessly tickled the softest spot inside.

“Last time you asked me, why he is always that serious and never laugh much, I did not answer you. Actually something horrible happened when he was young, you might have vaguely known about it, but it is better to hear it from him yourself. Due to such event, the whole family is particularly concerned about him, they let him do everything as he pleases. Handing you such a person to love, will you be able to continue to love him with all your heart?”

I looked at the person sitting across from me and asked: “Why do you trust me so much? I am also a man.”

Miss Mo gave a shallow smile: “Not that I’m not worried. I did try to persuade him, but I soon came to the realization that with his stubbornness, it is impossible to persuade him. Therefore, I can’t stop it anyway, so instead of splitting you two, it’s better to give my blessing to you.”

“But I think you must have known this as well. The society is much more narrow-minded than one can imagine, even though I’m a realist that does not mean everyone can be understanding like me.”

I also smiled: “I know.” I know it better than anyone else.

We smiled at each other, until now I finally gained a sense of closeness towards this Miss Mo. She is really good to An Yuan…wait hold on, she normally called An Yuan as President Guan on QQ, while today she called him by name, and…

“What is your relationship with An Yuan?”

Miss Mo grinned: “What do you think?”

I could feel my hair on the back starting to stand up: “I don’t know.”

“My mother’s husband’s sister’s child’s elder uncle’s wife is the daughter of his father’s grandfather’s son’s nephew.”

“…” Do not understand, “Can you make it easier to understand?”

“Oh, to make it much easier to understand, my mother is his father’s daughter, and he is my little uncle.”

“You’re the niece that gave him the rabbit slippers?”



It was not funny.

Later on, Miss Mo seemed to be in a very happy mood, she patted my shoulder and said that we’re family now, so I can call her Bai Ling. Then my phone suddenly rang.

I looked at the screen and felt a bit embarrassed.

“Hello.” I was still not used to calling out his name.

“Hello, Shou Ning.”


“Do you have time to spare?”

“What is it?”

“Let’s have dinner together.”

I scratched my head as seeing Mo Bai Ling covered her mouth, then said: “Okay.”

“I’ll pick you up.”

“No need, I’m currently outside. Where are you at?”

“I’m at the company.”

He was at the company on a Sunday, I said: “I’m near the company, coming down, I’ll wait for you downstairs.”


I hung up the phone, Mo Bai Ling was sneering like a cat has stolen a fish, as she said: “I won’t bother you on your date, bye bye. By the way, don’t tell An Yuan that I come to find you.”

I nodded as she waved at me, just like before she stepped on her high heels out of the door.

Words from the Author:

17: Seniority in a family sure is a very wonderful thing…


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