Love You 59 Seconds – Chapter 66

Chapter 66: Vacation 1 {R-16}

Reason for rating: Alright, you guys finally get the sex chapter, but you don’t get full on descriptive chapter of the sex. The author gives you foreplay but she does not give you details of their sex. So I don’t list it as R-17 or NC-17, because to me for those types of ratings, they would use the word “give it to me hard” or “thrust faster and harder”. However, those words are not being used in this chapter, so for me it’s still considered as a pink level sex. If you guys are familiar with Japanese film genre, then you know that pink film shows the characters having sex, but it doesn’t show their genital areas, maybe showing some breasts and what not, but definitely no intercourse scene. So for me, this chapter is that. That’s why I said this story is way too fluffy for anything sensual LOL

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Love You 59 Seconds – Chapter 64

Chapter 64: Offline [2]

Dashilan has just been newly renovated, there are quite a few more old famous Beijing shops that have opened on the street such as saute liver and buns, Sichuan noodles, fried glutinous rice dough cakes and the likes; they are all small shops with elegant decorations such as Quan Ju De, Pian Yi Fang, or Kao Rou Ji and so on.

Dashilan has just been newly renovated, there are quite a few more old famous Beijing shops that have opened on the street such as saute liver and buns, Sichuan noodles, fried glutinous rice dough cakes and the likes; they are all small shops with...

 Saute liver and buns

Sichuan noodle - super spicy and I swear I never be able to finish half of that bowl T

Sichuan noodle – super spicy and I swear I never be able to finish half of that bowl T.T

Fried glutinous rice dough cake

Fried glutinous rice dough cake

Since it is the winter season, it gets dark quite early, as expected there were not that many people at Dashilan; at the very least there were a lot less people there than there had been during the day, they did not have to wait to be seated in most restaurants and they could casually chose their food.

“Which shop do you want to try?” Wu Han Ying looked at the people whose eyes were lit up in excitement; they were looking left and right, it was as if their eyeballs were not enough for them to appreciate the place.

“I want to eat roast duck!” Oh Oh Oh was the first to shout out.

“Aiyo, Oh Oh, you’re such a wretch.” Xiao Xiao Xiao covered her mouth while laughing out loud, no one knew why she was laughing, somehow it made everyone else feel confused.

“Can you two at least act a little like a normal person on the street.” Da Suan said helplessly.

“Roast duck {kaoya} is KY, right.” Xiao Xiao Xiao paid no heed to Da Suan, but winked her eyes at Xiao Wu and kindly explained to the boy.

{Translator Input: roast duck in Chinese is kaoya = KY; and KY = the lubricant brand LOL}

Wu Han Ying became completely stunned, this associative imagination is beyond his grasp; such a phonetic abbreviation can also make them laugh so hard…

“You want to go to Quan Ju De or Pian Yi Fang? Quan Ju De is over there.” Xia Chen pointed his finger at a place.

“Let’s have some snacks first.” Xia Yan did not want to leave after seeing the fried cakes.

“Okie dokie, I’ll go buy a few fried cakes,” Jun Zhe began to run in excitement to buy the fried cakes, then he came back with a big bag filled with freshly made fried cakes that were so hot that they could burn one’s mouth. Although they look greasy and oily, after one bite they make people squeal in delight with their eyes wide open (because they are so delicious), that makes one forget about the greasiness.

After they finished the fried cakes, the group headed to a nearby store to have Sichuan noodles. Wu Han Ying had wanted to eat Sichuan noodles, since Beijing only recently had shops pop up that sold them, so this was his first time having this dish. Honestly speaking this noodle bowl is quite common, the noodles are made of a fine golden yellow color, glowing red oil fills up half the bowl and the taste is very good. Just by looking at the store’s side dishes in the big display window, from left to right, it was enough to amaze the people passing by.

Originally Xiao Xiao Xiao said this bowl looks so little, but after she finished it, that was no longer the case because she got so full from it.

Wu Han Ying is a slow eater, he likes to take his time consuming the food little by little, when Xiao Xiao Xiao and the others finished their food in exhaustion, he had only eaten half a bowl. He felt like he was eating his noodles on pins and needles*, and he could feel his back shiver; he did not get to swallow down a mouthful of noodles as he looked up and saw the two girls sitting across from him had been staring at him in gluttony.

{Translator Input: sitting on pins and needles – Chinese idiom – to be in an uncomfortable situation.}

“…” the corner of Wu Han Ying’s eyes started to twitch, he was feeling like he would not be able to swallow down the noodles in his mouth.

“Aiyo look at how adorable he is, you see the way he nib nib nibs on his food.” Xiao Xiao Xiao leaned in to whisper in Oh Oh Oh’s ear; even though she tried to lower her voice, everyone at the table could still hear them.

“Right, right, his lips move so slow. I bet Lao Da really wants to turn into a hungry wolf right now.” Oh Oh Oh stared at him intensely, then laughed out heartily.

“Just ignore them.” Xia Chen patted Wu Han Ying’s back, “Eat slowly, no need to rush.”

“Oh…” Wu Han Ying quickly bowed his head to chomp on his food, a gloomy cloud hovered on top of his head; he needed to chew to eat the noodles ah, he has to move his mouth to chew ah.

“Lao Da is so considerate, tsk tsk.”

“If you have finished here, you can go out first to find something else to eat.” Xia Chen looked at the horde of people who had nothing better to do.

“We don’t know ah, we don’t know where to go.” Xiao Xiao Xiao shrugged, not wanting to leave.

“The shop across from here sales sauteed liver, go there and grab a seat first; we will soon follow.” Xia Chen pointed to the door.

Those people were quite reluctant, but in the end they were getting driven out to reserve a table for the group. Only now Wu Han Ying heaved out a sigh of relief and continued to finish his noodles.

“Want me to go out to buy you a drink.” Xia Chen looked at the boy’s lips, they were getting swollen due to the hotness and becoming shiny.

“I want to go with you.” Wu Han Ying quickly stuffed the food in his mouth and muttered, “I’ll finish now.”

The two of them walked out and stopped at a vendor nearby to buy a cup of sour plum to relieve the spiciness. Wu Han Ying seemed to be satisfied as he heaved out a relieved sigh. Then they bought lamb skewers, glomping on them while looking for Xiao Xiao Xiao and the others.

When they got to the restaurant, everyone had already finished ordering a bowl of sauteed liver for each person along with a dish of buns to go along with each order.

Wu Han Ying was getting way too full, so he could not stomach very many buns, he ended up eating the sauteed liver with one bun and gave away the remaining two buns to Xia Chen.

Halfway into their eating feast Xiao Xiao Xiao noticed something, she looked at everyone and seriously announced that the other table ordered a lot of buns, can two people really finish all of that? Wu Ben Chunjie was sitting across from her and had just downed one bun, he said, “Xiao Xiao Xiao, don’t you feel ashamed for saying that, you’re the one eating all the food from one shop to another. The one eating the most food would be you ah.” Xiao Xiao immediately clamped her mouth shut because she didn’t have anything to counterback.

After everyone had finished eating, Mo Rui finally called to tell them that he couldn’t make it today, but tomorrow he will join them for sure.

Therefore, everyone no longer wanted to go to Quan Ju De because they really couldn’t stomach any more food. They decided to walk around to see the night view, then they looked up a Karaoke place to hang out.

Wu Han Ying felt like his mouth was getting a bit greasy, so halfway he dragged Xia Chen to the side to buy a cup of boba milk tea {pearl milk tea/tapioca milk tea/bubble milk tea}. It had been so long since he last had one, the teas flavor is very strong, which made him squint his eyes in joy.

{Translator Input: I have to do an explanation here. In the Los Angeles and Orange County area in California, we call it boba, which is the small black balls that are chewy they put into the milk tea; but I do know that this has many names; so I’ll put a picture and its many names here. Don’t jump in and say “You call it wrong!” because I’m not wrong, it’s just that I don’t live in your region~~ LOL}

 Don't jump in and say "You call it wrong!" because I'm not wrong, it's just that I don't live in your region~~ LOL}

Boba Milk Tea

Beijing at night has such a beautiful view, the shining neon lights brightened up the night sky and there are less people at night; even though it is not as quiet, the air feels much more clean.

Everyone parked their car in one place and then decided to tour around the city on the bus since it would be more convenient for sightseeing. When they got onto the bus there weren’t that many people, Wu Han Ying and Xia Chen decided to sit in the last row. This bus route would pass by a lot of places like Tiananmen Square, Bei Hai Park, Hou Hai Lake, Drum Tower, Deshengmen; it felt like they are on a tour bus.

Tiananmen Square

Tiananmen Square

Tiananmen Square

Bei Hai Park

Hou Hai Lake

Hou Hai Lake

Hou Hai Lake

Drum Tower



Bonus: I bet all of you must be asking "how close are these places with each other?" So I made extra effort by looking up these places and follow the pattern of their travel, so here is the map of those places

Bonus: I bet all of you must be asking “how close are these places with each other?” So I made extra effort by looking up these places and follow the pattern of their travel, so here is the map of those places. Now you know how close they are to each other and how it’s possible to go with bus ^^ 

Wu Han Ying was clutching his warm cup of milk tea, he was chewing on the round boba and bit them down with his teeth, they were very chewy. Everyone in the front was too indulged in the night view outside, no one was paying  attention to him and Xia Chen.

“Look.” Wu Han Ying laughed as he poked Xia Chen’s side, exposing a snaggle tooth, a black boba ball had gotten poked by it and became stuck there.

“Um…” Xia Chen turned his head and stretched out his hand to grab the cup in the boy’s hand. Wu Han Ying thought the man wanted a sip of the milk tea, but he immediately knew he had thought wrong.

His eyes shot wide open when Xia Chen suddenly leaned over to kiss him, which scared Wu Han Ying and he jumped up. He could feel the other man’s tongue draw a line on his lip, then it moved to the boba sticking on his tooth to take it away, but the tongue did not retreat, instead the boba got sucked in his mouth into a kiss. The black boba ball passed many times between the two mouths.

Wu Han Ying was being kissed by the older man and he did not dare to utter a sound, since the people sitting in front of them was the Xiao Xiao Xiao group. He did not want to shout out or make any kind of noise that would draw their attention; if those people found out about this, the world would turn upside down.

After a very long time later Xia Chen was willing to let him go. Wu Han Ying’s face was beet red as he tried to straighten up in his seat. He kept telling himself to never joke with the older man again! The round black boba ball slowly made its way to the tip of his tongue, which gave him a very strange feeling; then his face got even more red.

Everyone decided to get off at Hou Hai, so they could take a walk. Xia Yan and Jun Zhe ran to the ice to play, the others did not follow saying that it is really dark and they could not see, it would not be good if they fell down. Halfway into their walk, Wo Ben Chunjie said that he needed to use the restroom, so Xia Chen took him to the nearest public restroom. Wu Han Ying was left behind with Xiao Xiao Xiao and Oh Oh Oh to wait for them.

When Xia Chen came back, Xiao Xiao Xiao suddenly asked him if bus route no. 5’s stop was over there.

“Yeah.” Xia Chen nodded his head.

“I told you so!” Xiao Xiao Xiao puffed out a laugh, “Someone just came by to ask us for directions. They asked where the bus stop for route number 5 is, I clearly remembered that we took the bus on route 5 to get here; so we just came here from over there, but Sao Zi pointed his finger in the opposite direction. Hahaha.”

“Why didn’t you say so!” Wu Han Ying got irritated and embarrassed, he has quite a bad sense of direction! Earlier he pointed in the wrong direction and they didn’t say anything, but now they talk about it. His head was hanging so low that his chin could easily touch his chest, he really couldn’t face anyone right now ah.

“Sao Zi, you’re so freaking adorable!” Oh Oh Oh chimed into the teasing.

“Sao Zi, you’re the local here, I thought I remembered it wrong. So I didn’t dare to say anything.” said Xiao Xiao Xiao innocently.

“Alright, it’s nothing.” Xia Chen patted the boy’s shoulder, “There is also a stop for bus route 5 on that side, they just need to walk three more stops.”

After they had walked around to their heart’s content. Everyone agreed that it wasn’t too late, so they wanted to go to a Karaoke box. However, Jun Zhe said that it is better to go to his villa, since his place is well equipped with all the songs from the Karaoke place. So when they get tired from singing, they can just directly sleepover at his place, the villa is big enough to host everyone.

Everyone agreed on the idea, so they went back to get the cars and then drove to Jun Zhe’s villa.

The distance was quite far, since the villa is on the outskirts. When they arrived they saw the place was humongous, Wu Han Ying became speechless at the sight, this was his first time being in a real villa.

Jun Zhe showed everyone to their room, then he carried a big basket of snacks and drinks to the entertainment room. The room is quite big, all the needed equipment is ready; Xiao Xiao Xiao and Oh Oh Oh started to despise him for a moment, saying the rich sure is the rich, too wasteful.

Everyone collectively “bullied” Xia Chen the whole time, making him sing several songs in a row. Wu Han Ying also got happy while listening, as he thought about the stunt Xia Chen had pulled on the bus. He couldn’t help thinking this punishment made him feel satisfied, so he went along with the flow and started to choose songs with the others.

“Lao Da, you still remember that night you sang precious darling to Sao Ze!” Xiao Xiao Xiao shouted out and jumped up, “Today Sao Zi and Lao Da are here, you two should sing a song together! Hahaha.”

Wu Han Ying’s smile immediately froze, this has to be a joke, telling him to sing?!

“Right, right! Sao Zi you sing too!” Oh Oh Oh also joined in.

Da Suan laughed as he poured himself a glass of beer, “Xiao Wu, you were not being nice as well.  Last time on YY you dared to use the original song to fool us, today you have to sing a song ah.”

At the mention of that night, Wu Han Ying immediately got 囧囧, it really made him embarrassed so now he had no right to refuse to sing. He cleared his throat saying, “Then…don’t laugh when I sing.”

“Aiya, that is not possible.” Jun Zhe handed the boy the microphone, “You don’t know that Xiao Xiao Xiao and Oh Oh Oh have been looking at you and Lao Da then laughing like a wolf grandmother.”


“Then let’s sing it, precious darling.” Xia Chen smiled, then acting like a perfect gentleman he walked over to put his hand on Wu Han Ying’s waist.

“Ao ao! Lao Da you’re deliberately doing it! I have no more blood left to shed!”

“I also got sec killed!”

Wu Han Ying’s heart beat faster, he then cleared his throat again, “I’ll sing the male part.” Xia Chen very readily agreed, in which it made the boy feel a little frustrated.

When they started to sing the song, he was in utter regret because it did sound really strange! His singing voice is not that great, that’s the truth and now couple that with Xia Chen’s magnetic low… “female voice” …

“Pfahahaha, I really can’t stand this!” Wo Ben Chunjie spewed out his beer, luckily he covered up his mouth just in time; then immediately went to the restroom to rinse his hand.

Wu Han Ying covered his face, didn’t he say he doesn’t want to sing ah…

“Okay, okay, we will let you off this time.”

“Let’s play rolling the dice.” Xiao Xiao Xiao put down a box of dice on the table, shaking it while making her suggestion.

“Okay!” Wu Han Ying was the first to agree with both hands! As long as they don’t tell him to sing, he would do anything.

“Ey ey! I don’t want to play such an evil game.” Jun Zhe was grinning mischievously.

Wu Han Ying got curious, he grabbed the box to take a look the four dice and saw that only two of them were normal dice with dot numbers from one to six. While the other two dice have words written on them such as “touching”, “kissing”, and a whole other mess…suddenly he had a bad feeling about this.

“Hahaha, then I’ll set the rules!” Xiao Xiao Xiao seemed to be very excited, “Each person will get to roll the dice once as a host, I’ll roll the dice first as a host. Kakaka, the host will roll the dice for the commands. Everyone else will roll the dice for the number. The one with the highest number and lowest number will have to act out the command the host has rolled. No matter if the command is easy or hard, the two fated people must act out the command.”

“…I don’t get it.” Wu Han Ying pretended to be dumb; looking at the words on the dice had caused a shiver to run up his back. If he rolled a “kiss” dice, then that would be the end of him.

“It’s okay, after playing it once you will get it!” Xiao Xiao Xiao excitedly started to roll the dice.

As expected, the most unwanted thing would always happen, “kiss”, “lips”.

“Hahaha, you all hurry and roll to get your number! Hehehe, let us see who you are! No cheating allowed!”

“…” cold sweat.

Everyone else stared at each other intensely. Oh Oh Oh was the first to roll the dice, although the rest were unwilling, everyone still rolled the dice once.

Wu Han Ying had always been on the unfortunate side, so…he felt like crying when he rolled the highest number!

“Hahaha, Lao Da you must do your best!” Oh Oh Oh was getting all excited, “If not, Sao Zi will be kissed by someone else!…”

“Ehem, ehem, ehem!”

Wu Han Ying almost choked to death on his own saliva. Oh Oh Oh did not get to finish her words before Jun Zhe rolled out the numbers 2 and 1.

“Split up the CP!” Xiao Xiao Xiao cried out loud.

“It’s ok, it’s ok!” Oh Oh Oh grinned showing a row of white teeth, overall the effect was quite scary.

“You really have no discipline…”

“I also don’t want to be skinned alive by Lao Da, please spare me guys.” Jun Zhe displayed a pleading look. Xia Chen seemed to not show any special expression, but that was enough to scare the man to his grave.

“Then you kiss Lao Da.” Oh Oh Oh’s eyes lit up, “Let Lao Da take Sao Zi’s spot, we have no complaints.”

“Puff” Da Suan really could not help but to spew the contents in his mouth out, he didn’t think they could have come up with such a result.

“I don’t even dare to!” Jun Zhe endured his laughter, “It would be easier if you told me to jump out the window.”

“We’re on the first floor.” Xia Yan was sitting on the sofa with his legs crossed. After saying that, he stood up.

Wu Han Ying got incredibly embarrassed, then he saw a silhouette in front of him and when he looked up he saw it was Xia Yan. He got confused as he was being pulled up, then…he turned to stone…

The room was filled with the sound of sharp inhales from all of the others in the room. Xia Yan pulled Wu Han Ying up and quickly kissed down on the boy’s lips, without even needing half a second. Everyone next to them fell into a confused stupor and were unable to wake up from it just yet.

“I did it in his place.” Xia Yan raised his brows, then pointed his finger at Jun Zhe.

“Haha, what just happened?” Wu Ben Chunjie just came back and was faced with such a scene.

“Xiao Xiao, did you take a picture?” asked Oh Oh Oh as she woke up from her trance.

“I forgot!” Xiao Xiao Xiao jumped up, “Hey hey hey why are you two ukes kissing each other?!?! Two ukes won’t have a happy ending ah.”

“We should go to sleep.” Xia Chen put his cup on the table, then he stood up and stretched out his hand to pull Wu Han Ying up.

“It’s over, now Lao Da has turned into a beast.” Xiao Xiao Xiao looked at the two people exiting the room as she stuck out her tongue at them.

“My brother, he is not angry…right?” Xia Yan blinked.

“You stand there and have time to worry about whether Lao Da is angry or not, right now I’m very angry.” It was a rare sight to see Jun Zhe got all serious, he stretched out his hand to lift Xia Yan’s chin and then fiercely kissed his lips.

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