Love You 59 Seconds – Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Sister-in-law~ {Sao Zi~}

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Love You 59 Seconds – Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Shimei!

Title Explanation: Shimei – a female who is younger than you and shares the same teacher. In Japanese, we call them kouhai {for both male and female}, in modern Chinese we call them underclassmen. I don’t think there is a specific way to identify them in English (United States English, because I’m not sure about British English). We tend to call everyone “my schoolmate” or “my classmate” because in the States a classroom is usually mixed with all grade levels; for example: Science and Math classes. Except for classes like English (for non-ESL students) and Social Science like history, politics and economics; everyone in the classroom will be in the same grade ^^ I think I have explained this a bit too much here LOL so I will stop but I think everyone gets the point ^^ So I will keep this form “Shimei”; so I hope everyone remembers this term from now on ^^

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